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Spagetti Bolognase

Preperation Time: 15 mins Serves: 1
one of those staple meals i live on
Quantity Item Price
100grams Minced Meat $0.34
1/2 onion $0.06
1/3 Mixed Peppers $0.15
1/2 Carrot $0.40
100grams Mushrooms $0.10
1/2 Jar Pasta sauce $0.13
18grams Grated Cheese $0.10
Cost of Electricty at 16p kwh (Hobs,Oven ) : $0.16
Cost in wear and tear of shoe leather walking to the shops: (note if you use public transport, car parking dont forget to factor that in if going out your way!): $0.04 Calculate
Washing Up Tax (sponges,boiling kettle,washing up liquid): $0.05
Fixed Costs to include (if recuperating): $31.58 Calculate
Total sans Fixed costs: $1.53
Total mit Fixed costs: $33.11
Value Added Tax (20%): $6.62
Menu Price: $39.73

Still want to cook it?
Pour pasta into a saucepan of hot water, with pinch of salt and let it simmer. Meanwhile put mince meat into a frying pan, add all the extras like carrots, mixed peppers, onions, mush rooms and do till cooked, and then stir in sauce. When its warm. drain pasta and move to plate, then transfer contents from frying pan into middle of pasta,then sprinkle with grated cheese

Prices were probably correct when entered on 2/23/2017

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