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Corn Flakes

Preperation Time: 3 mins Serves: 1
A cheap start to the day with some healthy fruit juice
Quantity Item Price
50grams tesco value corn flakes $0.04
63ml milk $0.03
200ml pomogranite fruit juice $0.20
Cost of Electricty at 16p kwh (Hobs,Oven ) : $0.00
Cost in wear and tear of shoe leather walking to the shops: (note if you use public transport, car parking dont forget to factor that in if going out your way!): $0.04 Calculate
Washing Up Tax (sponges,boiling kettle,washing up liquid): $0.05
Fixed Costs to include (if recuperating): $31.58 Calculate
Total sans Fixed costs: $0.36
Total mit Fixed costs: $31.94
Value Added Tax (20%): $6.39
Menu Price: $38.33

Still want to cook it?
Pour corn flakes into a bowl and add some milk

Prices were probably correct when entered on 2/23/2017

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