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In the event the web page or my code crashes, and assuming that in itself is working. I get sent a bug report telling me the nature of the error, and the line of code it is on to help me resolve and fix the error thus making me look better and help improve the site. That information also includes the url and query string which was used as well as the browser and ip address of the person who encountered the error.

The reason I am including browser is to help narrow things down and helps me work out if it’s mobile, or desktop and the query string is used to help me resolve any error based on data and to help identify anything unusual happening, which also doubles up as a hack report as dodgy data passed is sometimes a hacker trying it on, and tin those cases I use the ip address to determine where the attack is coming from.

Automated bots tend to have errors in their code and if it’s a problem or they are using too much bandwidth it makes it easier to trace and blat.

You should be aware that I am quite capable of writing a system that looks up where an ip is assigned, and leasing with those companies who are in charge of it it to determine a more accurate location or address of the person using the machine.

I am able to write systems where an incoming freedom of information request asking who is the holder of a particular information is and enabling a person just to click a button saying disclose or just passing the information on anyway.

I am able to write a system that automatically passes details of a hack attempt on to either the law courts or a police force or law firm in that local which automates the legal paperwork to file.

Obviously the reality that would involve me having agreement with companies, law courts or police forces around the world, would involve people agreeing to disclose that information and or using any statue at their disposal de[ending on public opinion in that area.

Obviously there are times people demand money to do anything about bringing people to justice and other times where they do it on principle and apathy and desire to push things can vary dramatically between myself and anyone else depending on what’s going on in their or other peoples lives.

It should be known that in Britain when the police showed up at my home in 2011 to evict me for making a stand for Europe and human rights and having no money to pay bills after being frozen out by the corporate world, that they showed up with assault rifles, shot and tortured me three times, took me to a secure facility without access to a lawyer and subjected me to pharmaceutical torture where I was held for a couple of years before release.

I viewed that as a breach of human rights laws, and uk statute and I know no one cared and those people are still working and paid for by the government in my area and are probably doing it to other people as well, as lets face it what with kenya, northern ireland, and things like project blue book and mk ultra the west screws people over all the time.

,p>The concept of the British empire or any notion of uniting the world under the concepts of freedom, democracy, intent on the notions improving the quality of life for every person on earth (off it) was ignored by them. A good idea destroyed and still eroded by incompetent fuck wits who are too focused on personal power and always get put in charge by elected majorities, and greed, disrespected local people and of course causes everyone to break away in all those violent wars and blood y blood baths in the name of freedom again and those wars were unnecessary, and only happened because some people wanted to cling to money, and power and didn’t help people out. (lousy customer service inter alia)

and I've read that in the 50’s mental health wars were also experimenting with drugs on those people often detained perhaps for their religious, and political belief. for example the birth control pill and in this century, and decade (at time of writing). I know they still are torturing and experimenting on people with drugs they didn’t consent to as they did it to me!

however life moves on, and we try to forget about organisations and entities which I perhaps deem criminal which at this moment include the NHS, the British court system, the British police force, and the royal society of psychology, the British parliament, the queen and prince Philip on the grounds they ignore and allow torture to take place and allow people to starve to death or go homeless either through turning a blind eye or deliberate action and orders on their part which other people follow blindly as they were never tought ethics, or respect or ever gained the ability of people to think for themselves or look ahead at the consequences of their own actions , either that or just want war to continue as they profit from it (which seems a bizarre concept to me) and that’s before I look at overseas and what some corporations are doing with extortion, and prices and damage to the environment, the planet to the people at large.

Notwithstanding people skills and it being a popularity contest about whether the law is followed, anyone trying to do anything dodgy should be wary of what happens as some if not all things get noticed after awhile.

and yes I have no issue with throwing anyone who broke human rights law, or breaks the Hippocratic oath and tortures people against their will in jail either now or any time in the future if ever I were elected in charge and had direct control of the verdict, as at the very least there are way too many people who need to be fired and prevented from fucking anyone over in future least it lead to civil war, the demise of nations and more suffering as in other countries and other individuals on or off earth.

Politics aside, I am trying to set ssl up which involves the purchase of security certificates authenticated by a third person to confirm I own the url and the site is legitimate. If it’s on you will see a padlock in your browser and that will tell you that the information your passing to the site and getting returned is encrypted and the people issuing the certificate do offer insurance over data being compromised.

However in reality I don’’t know if they would pay up or how this would work regarding procuring any breaches and or the process over that insurance as I just wanted to sort encryption out. there are companies, governments or individuals that could possibly intercept the data transferred to and from a web site and perhaps decode(how long decoding would take is a matter of debate and research) however you should be aware that Prism, Esherlon, NSA, Mi5, GCHQ t and god knows who else tend to devote considerable resources to trying to decipher that type of information and it has been reported by other people that they admit to keeping track of the meta data to see who is talking to who.

If you don’t see https, or a padlock then you can assume transmission from you to the site and back is in plain text.

Also anyone researching the where reported as having disclosed information to those organisations.

I believe in the right of privacy, which is enshrined in multiple human rights treaties such as article 8 in the European courts and it is generally enshrined in other treaties but that type of organisation and government rarely respects the law from my experience, research and tend to use force of arms, intimidation and other means to get access to data on occasion in an attempt to control the people, and the world.

How often they do this, and with who is not something I would or am willing to comment or hypothesise about but the risk is there.

I could point out famous law cases like Katz v. United States in 1967 where the supreme court ruled in a case of a telephone booth and the forth amendment on the American bill of rights

“that an enclosed telephone booth is an area where, like a home, and unlike a field, a person has a constitutionally protected reasonable expectation of privacy; (b) that electronic as well as physical intrusion into a place that is in this sense private may constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment; and (c) that an invasion of a constitutionally protected area by federal authorities is, as the Court has long held, preemptively unreasonable in the absence of a search warrant”

however that was then, and different countries tend to change their mood regarding privacy over the years. and their interpretations and respect for the law and I am not up on what is done in reality noting that what they say publicly and privately may not be one and the same notwithstanding some people and groups might ignore it altogether.

I am not a spokesperson for any other organization other than myself, and have no power to regulate or control those governments, organizations or third parties which are trusted to leave people alone and not persecute them for living their life in peace as they would want to.

You use this and any other site and well speak and do anything in this world at your own risk.

You should note that has a psychic, as far as I am concerned that the fact beings on the spiritual plane do see and know everything you do and can pass information on to people they deem fit means concepts like the all seeing eye are true.

I know this for a fact because they have passed information on to me on occasion over events else where or that would happen, and I took that as face value ast their ability to do that type of thing. This flies in the face of some belief sets who have no experience of that, or choose to disprove perhaps some of an atheist belief or perhaps psychologists who are trying to stop people developing that type of skill.

However those individuals and groups never from what I have seen provide any evidence to disprove that is not happening, while most if not all religions, including psychics, witches, mystics, mediums, spiritualists, occultists do have evidence and personal experience which they shared so that is why I take it as fact, notwithstanding some still hypothesis about what or who, why and how far those beings will go, or can as it’s more a ticking box exercise where we add things when they do it to a list.

With that in mind, anyone thinking they are going to get away with anything dodgy and that no one notices is insane, and perhaps should consider abiding by local law or other moral concepts like freewill, respecting others and consent, and telling the truth, and nothing but the whole truth the whole time notwithstanding there is always a moral dilemma of if is ok to lie to a person who is threatening to harm, kill, maim or torture yourself or other people you may know and love which is always an interesting discussion depending on your point of view.

If you have issue with any information the bug tracking is done, or with that type of thing than by all means don’t use this or any other web site as beyond that I really don’t care and any bug tracking or development here is either to provide a service to help people out, or perhaps to make money in theory perhaps in future, as being reliant on welfare and the whim of an elected majority that could screw people over in a day and who have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they are capable of and do starve people out and to death or make homeless, is not something I enjoy.

beyond that if there is anything I can help you with let me know, I expect people to provide proper contact details when using the contact form, and ip address, and browser is logged to help me identify who is passing on, st least I think I am tracking that on that type information in that contact form.

That smtp contact form on my web site probably does need me to add encryption, as my hosting companies mail traffic is dodgy as hell and I don’t think they are routing it between providers securely and I haven’t changed the code to storing it in a database and using a log in form to view, so as it stands currently it is just forwarding to an email box which is sll when I view it but I can’t voch for any transport mechanisms along the way as they definitely don’t allow secure download to my mobile phone and expect me to log into their server to view mail.

Therefore any message being routed between the hosting company and the account in another company I am using to view mail forwarded on to me, is probably plain text.

remember wireless networks transmit data over a wide area. For a specific range. Some routers do a short range like 100 meters maybe, while military satellites reportedly transmit at slightly different frequencies, can reportedly handle around 11gb bandwidth a second, at a distance of around 23,000 miles as they are in orbit above the earth, and I have no idea when things are using satellites or using land line cables, which are perhaps feeding into exchanges that are routed to place like NSA, GCHQ and obviously everyone has seen the film where they try and patch into the submarine cable running along the ocean floor.

So yeah, I perhaps better sort that task out.

Do you really care, if people know what your saying or listen in?

I am located in Durham, the hosting company is also uk, and the other mail server is located where? No idea at this time. I perhaps ought to check that one out and takes steps to improve it. Arse

i apologise if this privacy and or statement is shit, but i will probably try to improve it at some point, as it's kind of a rush job. I have written no code or any desire to use cookies on a persons machine. Also any login’s for me to use back end systems on this site, lock the password out after 3 attempts, and will almost certainly track if I implement the code, if not already, the ip tracking of log in attempts including failed log in attempts and the ip address, and browser they were coming from and that information would be deemed as evidence of a criminal act and perhaps be circulated to anyone I think would help stop them doing it again.

a word on web browsers and other peoples code, I am using third party libraries to do the encoding and there is no guarantee that they can be trusted so I need to get around to writing my own maths, transformation code, if anyone has the algorithms let me know and assuming another companies browser is encrypting a data stream on ssl or that it is actually using https if you stick https behind the scenes in the url is perhaps a risky business, as they can always do the dirty and sell you out or use some other protocol and just say it’s encrypted and I'm not entirely convinced Microsoft, google or any of the other corporations are entirely trust worthy based on current records and I haven’t seen their source code, so you use them at your own risk and might be better to assume that all traffic is intercepted and can be read with relative ease and if encryption is on then insert random time frame on how long it will take to crack as some organisations may have developed their own computers that don’t fit in with main stream technology for breaking the maths on things like rsa algorithms and the like as public and private keys sounds dodgy to me, as if you can encode a message with one key, then surely you can decrypt it with it, as you know what was done to transform it, though if I my views and implementation change I'll update and say though I slept through those lectures at university and need to refresh my knowledge how that lot works again in theory and in practice

statement last updated by me 29/3/2017