Introducing Gareth Bowen
C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of
The Psychic I.T. Strategy Playing Liberal Minded Pro World Peace Witchy Goth

Still Single, Still Available and Still Here

Interests Include:
Psychic, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Occult, Witchcraft, Goth Clubs, Tarot, Photography, Film Making, Martial Arts, Strategy Games, Chess, Poker, Books, History, Religion, Science, Human Rights

Typical Meals I'll Cook

Favourite Authors:
David Eddings, Raymond E Fiest, Jim Butcher, Katherin Kerr, Kim Harrison, Robert Jordan, Timothy Zahn and Terry Practchett for awhile, did go through a horror phase with stephen king books

Films I Enjoyed At The Time Include:
The Last Samurai, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Mavrick, Under Siege, Die Hard Films, The Mummy, The Crow,The Negotiator, Leon, Nikita, Queen of the Damned, Honey I shrunk the kids, The Lost Boys, The Rock

TV Series Watched For A Time:
Classic Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Babylon 5, Firefly, Farscape, Star Trek Next Generation, Voyager, DS9, Startgate SG1, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Drop The Dead Donkey, Black Books, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Bones,House, Shark, Ally McBeal, Bosten Legal , West Wing

Favourite Music Include:
Guns and Roses, Sisters of Mercy, Inkubus Sukkubus, Blutengle, Lahannya, Zeitgeist Zero, Lady Gaga, The Pretty Reckless, Murderdolls, Zeromancer, Enigma,The Cruxshadows, Cradle of Filth, Theatre Des Vampires, Rob Zombie, Marylin Manson, Ozzy Osborne, Lindsey Stirling

Compulsory Film Viewing Also Include:
Shutter Island The Trial, Animal Farm,Enemy of The State, V For Vendetta, Escape From Sobibor, Amen, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Psych 9, The Devils Arithmatic, Girl Interupted, eLoise, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Audrey Rose, The Handsmaid Tale, Children Of Men, Starwars, Lord Of The Rings, Assault on Precinct 13, 16 Blocks [2006], Battle Royale, The Hunger Games Series, 1984, Divergent, Tears of The Sun, Hotel Rwanda, The Excorcism of Emily Rose[3],Definance, In Hell, Sucker Punch, Scanners III, Scissors,Standford Prision Experiments,Gothika, The Prisoner, Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, K19 widowmaker>,Sleepers, Silence of the Lambs, Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

Most interesting film of all time (might be):
1922 Haxan

Scarest Horror:
Looking at any statue passed by parliment or any political manifesto by a political party, nightmare on elm streets films

Martial Arts Lessons Tried:
Tai Chi, Capoeira,Taekwondo, Hepkido, Akido, Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Fencing, iaedo, Karate, Salsa Dancing, Judo

LARP and Roleplay Systems Previously Participated In Or Had An Interest In Include:
Vampire the Masqurade, Vampire the Dark Ages, Warewolf, LT Gathering, Durham Treasure Trap, Cyberpunk 2020, Call of Cthulhu, D20 Systems

Strategy Games or Card Games I used to Own or More Likely Play Include:
Othello, Chess, MasterMind , Texas Hold Em, Connect 4, Draughts, Othello, Munchkin, Illuminati, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Manhattan Project, Diplomacy

Goth Venues Attended:
Whitby Goth Weekend, Carnival of Souls, Infest, Darkcity, Nightmare Before Christmas, Wendy House, Slimelight, Bar Phono Sunday Club, Blacksheep, Charnel House, Danse Macrbe, Persecution, Witching Hour Rock Club, Noircastle, Carpe Noctum

Political Protests Attended:
January 2017 Friends of the Earth Anti Fracking Protest Sherwood Forest

Previous Societies Member of:
Beanos Dennis The Menace Fan Club, English Heritage, National Trust, Camping and Caravan Club, Various Chess Clubs, Magic The Gathering, Vampire The Masqurade, Durham University Treasure Trap, Durham University Assassins Society, Durham University Science Fiction Society, British Computer Society, Tarot Association of The British Isle, Children of Artemis, Slimelight, Bar Phono Sunday Club

Tarot Deck Most Likely To Use:
Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck

Best Foreign Language Learning Tools Used:
Paul Noble CDs, Michael Thomas CDs, Fluenz

Documentries : Titicut Follies 1967

Torture in detention, deportation: 2008 Article detailing cases torture via anti psychotics on people deported on planes to other countries, with cases dated in 2007

Historical Events Most Likley To Point Out Include inter alia:
(2600-2400 BC) Summuria, En-zu (Lord Of Wisdom) Moon god Sin/Nanna, also of potential interest baba,Inanna
(Circa 2100BC?) Epic of Gilgamesh poem, From Anicent Mesopotmia [Shutut eli sharri, sha naqba imuru]
(1279–1213 BC) Ramesses II, Pharaoh 19th Dynasty
1000BCE Prophet Zoroaster, Iran
(250 BCE to CE 250?) Baghdad Battery
553 AD The 5th Ecumenical Council (The 2nd Council of Constantinople)
The May 1096 Rhineland Massacres of Jews in Speyer, Worms and Meitz
1209 Cathars being Massacred at Beziers in Langoudoc and elsewhere
May 30th 1431 Joan Of Arc Getting Burnt At The Stake
1552 - Papel Bull Ad Extirpanda
1562 - Diego de Landa calderon, Destruction of Myan texts. (see also auto-de-fé ) 1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
1641 Ireland
13 Feb 1692 Massacre of Glenco
1882 American Chinease Exlucision Act
1899 1901 Boxer Rebellian, China
(9 April 1835 – 17 December 1909) Leopolod II, King Of Belgium, Congo, Unreported Genocides
1936 The Great Purge, Russia
1936 Law #136 US Government female sterilisation in Puerto Rico
883AD Maecedonain Monk, Saint Cyril (slavonic Cyrillic Alphabet i.e. B [v] = in, OHá [a-ná])
1937-1945 Unit 721, Japan
1939 T 4 Genocide Program and 1933 Sterilisation Program, Germany
1940 Katyn Forest Massacre a mass executions of Polish nationals carried out by the NKVD, Russia
1943 Khatyn Massacre, Belarus, Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118
1932, 1972 The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Alabama
1947-1987 Willowbrook State School Scandle with Dr Kruman deliberatly infecting kids with Hepititus, Staten Island, New York experimenting to find a cure
1959 Hola Concentration Camp, Kenya
1973 - Augusto Pinochet, Chile
1975-1979 Cambodge Genocide, 1976 S21
1976-1983 Argentina, and people such as Doctor K Eduardo Kalinec who was reportedly sentenced in 2010 as others were from that era for murder and torture in those camps
Morning 15th April 1986 - USA bombed targets in Libya
Afternoon 15th April 1986 - My Grandad Murdered in Marrakesh by an Arab looking for Americans
1994 Rewana Genocide
1995 Srebrenica Genocide
2009 - Florida, US Polo Open Racehorse Horse Deaths and Selinium in Franck's Pharmacy Pharmacutical Tablets

Also The Genocide of American Indians, Shamen In Siberia and Elsewhere, and Genocide of Witches, Psychics, Mediums, Faith Healers in Burning Times, which generally take place these days under Mental Health. And is it necessary to point out Buddha (563 BCE/480 BCE – c. 483 BCE/400 BCE), Jesus (c.4 BC – c.30/33 AD), Muhammad (570 CE – 8 June 632 CE) again.

Previous Enviromental Disaster Dates Include:
1957 Myak, Kyshtym disaster Nuclear Disaser, Russia
1957 UK Windscale nuclear reactor and milk contamination Leak
26th April 1986 Chernoybyl Nuclear Disaster
19th Apr 2005 Sellafield, "UK 20 tonnes uranium and 160 kg plutonium leak from a cracked pipe at the Thorp nuclear fuel reprocessing plant"
11th March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
19th April 2011 Fracking Spill, Chesapeake Energy Pennsylvania
Fracking at the Collier-Hogan well in 2013 is continuing to threaten Collier County’s water supplies.
July 21st 2014 Halliburton, days to provide chemical information at Ohio fracking explosion that killed 70,000 fish
10th April 2015 Arlington, Texas 42,800 gallons of fracking spill
4th Jan 2017 ASA has closed fracking company Cuadrilla's complaint against Friends of the Earth
10th Nov 2017 Russian Radioactive Pollution Over Europe

Air Polution inter alia:
"high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol needed to remove LDL,reduced in areas of high polution"
National Diabetes Audit suggests that in England there are about 24,000 ‘excess deaths’ a year in people with diagnosed diabetes "National Diabetes Audit suggests that in England there are about 24,000 ‘excess deaths’ a year in people with diagnosed diabetes over general population, and regional differences" audit
"Across the country there were variations in mortality, from 1,852 deaths out of 100,000 people with type 1 diabetes in London to a high of 2,351 out of 100,000 in the northeast"

Historical Figures Most Likley To Point out include:
Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Aleicter Crowley, Cassandra Princess of Troy, Oracle of Delphi,Baba Vanga, The Brahan Seer, Medium Helen Duncan, Empress Theodora, Hans Litten, Charles G LeLand, Pythagaros, Völva, Anneliese Michel, James Hydrick[2], Nina Kulagina

Books I might point out include:
Ian Stevenson - 20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
Trutz Hardo - 30 Most Convincing Cases of Reincarnation
The 231 Club
The Hospital, Barbera O'Hare (About Aston Hall 1971)
Cruel Britannia A Secret history Of Torture By Ian Cobain
Why Torture Doesn't Work: The Neuroscience of Interegation - Shane O'Mara (rebuttle from me)
The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether by Edgar Allan Poe (published 1845?)
"The Rule Of Law" ~ Tom Binham
Franz Kafka - The Trial
David Gemmel - Legend

Books I wished i'd been bought as a kid include:
The C Programming Language, Brian W.Kernighjan, Dennis M Ritchie, 1978 Prentice-Hall Software Series.
the usbrone

Books on my todo reading list:
Undue Risk - Secret State Experiments on Humans, Johanthan D Moreno (partially read)
Acres Of Skin, Allen M Hornblum
The Plutonium Files, Eileen Welsome
Coercion as Cure: A Critical History of Psychiatry Szasz, Thomas (lost in post, possibly redirected to 'an enemy' if any of clairaudience accurate) [or does this book belong in the other list, did I over extend with this book order?]
Shingwauk's Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools Miller, J. R.

Things I don't want to book:
Falun gong Used For Organ Transplants

Random Stats of Interest:

UK Missing Persons Buro state 313,000 missing person’s incidents were recorded [reported] in 2011/12, reports fail to indicate how many in total we're found dead or alive again from that that number at least at a casual glance!

Ian Duncan Smith Welfare Deaths: "Between December 2011 and February 2014, 2,380 [Employment Support allowance] people died after their Work Capability Assessment told them they should start looking for work"
plus "The rest (270) were on Incapacity Benefit (IB) or Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)"

Other figures today [ 27th August 2015 ] show another 6,700 ESA claimants died in two years after being put in the 'work-related activity group', meaning they could move towards a job. They were more than twice as likely to die as people in the general population - around 5 deaths per 1,000 people compared to 2.4."

NHS hall Of Fame include inter alia:
Doctor Harold Frederick Shipman (Serial Killer, Estimated 250 murders)
2002 Collin Norris,Murders Leeds Hospital, Found Guilty Newcastle Crown Court 3rd March 2008
Nurse Serial Killer Victorino Chua, 49 ,Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport
May 1993 Serial Killer Nurse Beverley Gail Allitt, Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire
2004 Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati, Saddam Hussain Torture Dcotor working for the NHS for 7 years
"NHS Boss" Mr Mueen-Uddin, for Murders, and torture in Bangladesh
Benjamin Green
Jane Barton
Dec 14 2016,Lea Ledesma,London Heart Hospital, 18 months unlawful Killing with blood transfussion, Southwark Crown court.
28 April 2017 Breast surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years for carrying out needless operations, Nottingham Crown Court

Other Health professionals Include:
1989 Angel of Death Richard Angelo,Good Samaritia hospital West Islip,New york (Killed 35+ people)
Efren Saldivar, California, "confessed to 50 murders" via injecting people with muscle relaxant suxamethonium chloride
Cought 1982 ArnFinn Nesset, upto 138 patients Norway, admitted killing 27
Daniela Poggiali (Nurse Serial Killer), Hospital, Lugo, Italy ("upto 96 patients, in single year april 2013-april 2014")
Charles Edmund Cullen, New Jersy, confessed to killing 40 patients in 16 year nursing career ["400 deaths"]
Edson Izidoron convicted of 4 in 2000,"upto 131 as act of mercy" witnessed injecting pateient with potatssium chloride, motive supposedly earning money from funeral homes
Lodz Appeal court June 2008, Surprem Court of Poland Oct27, 2009 "skin Hunters" Paramedic Anderzej Nowocien, Karol Banas, Dcotor Janusz Kulinski,dcotor Pawei Wasilewski [selling to funeral homes for money, and billing families]
2009 State of California v. Conrad Robert Murray [Michael Jacksons Physician]
2017 Canadian Nurse Elizabeth Wettalufes nursing homes murders "9 year killing spree", 2 nursing homes [Caressant Care in Woodstock and Meadow Park in London, Ontario], 8 counts of First Degree Murder + 4 counts attempted murder + 2 counts of aggrevated assault

Crooked social workers:
Russian Serial Killer, Irina Gaidamachuk, possed as social worker to rob and murder more than dozen elderly victims.

Torture scandles at care homes for elderly include:
2012: torture at Winterbourne View, near Bristol.
2011: castelbeck care homes,cedar vale,East Bridgford, Nottingham, panaroma investigation
Jan 2016: Shauna Leigh-Higgin,Ashbourne House, 'torturing dementia patient comfort doll
July 2017: UN Torture commite, told of cruel and degrading treatment In Irish Nursing Homes
NHS Screw Ups Include:
1. Michelle Trolley finding out in Nov 2015 out NHs infected her in 1987, with hepitius C (Missing hospital records)

Botched Drug Trial:
1. Jan 2016, patient in who was left brain dead following a botched drugs trial in France has died

Anesthesia Deaths (decided to look after watching ghost town):
1. Jan 29 2018:Mayo Clinic,Patient Death, Male 65, 950mg of intravenous ketamine instead of 95mg killed patient Patient Mr B
2. Jan 26 2018:Taipei Department of Health ,Justmake Plastic Clinic, Hong Kong businesswoman died under anesthetic (surgeon surnamed Liu (劉), and an anesthesiologist, surnamed Yeh (葉), and two nurses.)
3. Jan 10 2018:18 suspicious deaths in the ER at Saronno near Varese are being examined by consultants,14 under investigation
4. Jan 9 2018: Dr. Alexander Paraschos, ARMC, Cone Health, ARMC Private Diagnostic Clinic, Kernodle Clinic West and Duke University Sued For Death
5. "Chinese genocide of falun gong for organ transplants!"

Injection Death Articles:
1. JM, who was vaccinated against hepatitis B “between the end of 1998 and the middle of 1999″ and developed multiple sclerosis in 2000. CAUSAL LINKS
2. Contraceptive injection known as Depo-Provera increases HIV Risk by 40%
3. on deaths of 29 children who died from Dengvaxia vacination launched April 2016
3. Nadine Loveman mother who killed baby with injected insulin shot
Turmeric injection death of patient by IV, San Diago
5. 2014:NHS 24 million bill Great Ormand Street "accidently" injected glue into Maisha Najeebs brain 6. Deanna Roberts pleaded guilty killing woman from Florida with Silican injections, cosmetic procedure
7. Article 5th Feb 2018: Torture Drug Overdose Deaths In Iran Prisons rise to 11
8. "J.W. who was vaccinated against hepatitis B in 1998 and developed multiple sclerosis a year later"
9. 1989 david peterson revenge killing of little girl for results of injected on mental health wards
10. "flu Shot Remians most dangerous vacine according to injuries and deaths compensated by government [Guillain-Barré Syndrome]
search nhs doctor and nurses and other health service serial killer list, amnd review genocide by state on people with differing view points

Vacination Death Articles:
April 17, 2018 dengvaxi aanti feaver vaccine death scandel, disagreement in philppines about it causing childrens deaths
April 16 2018 India, increase in reports of sudden unexplained deaths within 72 hours of administering PV compared to DTP vaccine
April 11 2018, Officals Clueless about palamu vaccine deaths ( IPV, OPV, measles, Japanese Encephalitis and DPT vaccines)
June 2017, South sudan 15 children die botched measles vacine deaths ("Same syringe and vacine not kept properly")"Brain Damage/Death from Vaccines is NOT Rare"
deaths reported to VAERS the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, 1997–2013 (2149 death reports)
UK Feb 8 2006, 18 babies in 4 years "4 mmr, 6 meningitis C, 7 for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough and reported to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), + heart attack and 1 polio, 800 complications, 160 mmr, "This means that almost 40 baby deaths could have occurred following jabs between 2001 and 2004, and 8,000 serious adverse reactions."
"figures for MMR deaths were culled from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)"
68 deaths in the United States from complications of smallpox vaccination in the nine years 1959 to 1966
drug manufacturer Sanofi revealed in November that Dengvaxia - the world’s first dengue vaccine - might increase the risk of severe disease in people who had never been exposed to the virus, 65 deaths since 2016 vaccninations of 837,000 school-age children"

Learning Inquest Files Exist when NHS lie regarding deaths having ever taken place on wards:
Inquest report in lanchester road death (found online at

Litigation Articles And Other Cases:
1. $1.5 million payout for autistic treated by psycholigistws who developed tardive dyskinesia tardive akathisia while being treated by psychiatrists with Anti Psychotics= Drugs Risperdal and then Zyprexa
2. LU v Nottingham Uni Hospital Case (found at Search)
Armed police incidents:
at 11:34am 5th April 2018 Oxford house community mental health centre armed police show in stand off

Incidents of Police who murder people (that we heard about):
6th April 2018 women shot at craigmiller castle, edinburgh with plastic bullets, refered to pirc
9th April 2018 gunman in 40's shot dead at esso petral station,killed by firearms officer at 4.45am on the forecourt of an Esso garage in Collier Row, Romford, east London.
March 2017 6 fatel shooting in uk by police [in 12 months to march], highest year on record since stats started in 2005
"24-year-old man in Northumbria shot by police after asking him to put down a handgun"
"Asian man, 28, being shot three times by armed West Yorkshire Police officers during a planned police operation"
July 2017 stats of uk police who shot people dead (in 7 months 8 shooting, 5 FATEL as in death)
FATEL January 2 2017, in the only non-terror related fatal shooting, Yassar Yaqub was shot by police at Junction 24 of the M62
FATEL March 22 2017 cops shot dead Khalid Masood, 52, outside parliament
FATEL June 3rd 2017 Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba, Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghb following London Bridge Attack
Listed as NONE FATEL:
April 27 2017 anti-terror cops raided a house in Willesden, North London
June 3 2017 a bystander was shot in the hail of bullets fired by cops at the three terrorists behind the London Bridge attack
July 2017 a man was taken to hospital with gunshot injuries after being shot by an armed cop in Birmingham
1770 boston massacre

Self defence articles:
Anji rhys crossbow gran
april 8th 2018 self defence: richard osborne brookes, who defend himself against burgler henry vincent in self defence inside his home who died cleared
Search and Sizure on laywers and others:
America, Trumps Lawyer
NHS Finance Stories, which i rarely look at:
1. NHS Trusts paying £16 for 35p Rubber Gloves - once again showing that any money given to them will always be squandered notwithstanding costs of other torture and abuses done
2. Boots charged over £1500 for skin cream tub costing less then £2
3. Huffington Post Blog Steve Taylor, PHD Madness of Chemical Labotomy Blog
Cardiff Crown Court,Chun Ooi working for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board,University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff , "doubling up" defrauded the NHS out of £55,000
Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook"

Favourite Graphic Artist:
Luis Royo

Other Names References I Might Point Out Include:
Edward Joseph Snowden, Esherlon, Prism, Bradley E Manning, Rosemary Kennedy, Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, Thalidomide, Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouaziz [17/12/2010], Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar Al Assad, Saddam Hussein, Jack Straw,Rendition, Project Blue Bird, Project MK Ultra

Only Shakespeare Soliloquy where the opening lines got remembered as a kid:
Hamlet - To Be Or Not To Be

Poem Most likely To Like, Reference or Adapt:
If - by Rudyard Kippling (more like when)
Martin Niemöller: First they came for
Les Litanies de Satan by Charles Baudelaire
( Theatre des Vampires ou Diamanda Galàs)

The Cars I Owned in Order Back In The Day I Owned One:
Nisan Micra (manual), Gray Hyundai Accent (automatic), Matallic Green Toyota Avensis (automatic)

Most Likely outfit in a goth club back in the day
Dark Angel Black Brocade Trousers and Dark Red Crushed Velvet Frock Coat with Cravet Shirt, or a Black PVC Outfit, but these days black jeans and tshirt most probable, but I have worn a kilt before

The Only XBOX One Game Ever Played to Completion:
Wolfenstein: The New Order
(and No I didn't know about the mental health scene before purchasing)

Most Played Games of All time As a Kid:
Elite, Repton, Hopper and Chucky Egg on the BBC
Harrier Attack, Gauntlet, Oh Mummy On The Amstrad CPC 464
and probably Alien Breed and Wing Commander on the Amiga, PC

No I don't play computer games anymore, unless the physical reality is counted as one

Most Used Third Party Quotes

My Computing CV

Random Photos Of Myself

My Political Views

If you need to know more then ask me perhaps by text or some other method

Current Events From Other News Sites:
2011 news story on 14 shamans [curanderos ] being murdered on orders of local mayor in peru.
2012 elderly killed as witches in kenya, so relatives can steal their land
2015 five women dragged from homes and killed as witches, india [indian says 2000 killed between 2000 and 2012]
2016 Theresa May requests military to suspend human rights law
2016 Intruders dressed as police kim kardhasian robbery
2016 Spiritual Healers known as Abarangi or Abacwezi in Rwanda,(Umuhereza,Amahembe, Umurangi), Ask of Offical Recognition citing Testomony where traditional Healing working over Mainstream Doctors. March 2017 reports that Philipeanes police being killing thousands of Filipinos at Duterte’s urging
May 2017 Rebels sieze philippines city of Marawi
2nd July 2017 SAS suspected in executing afghan civilians in war crime cover up

Links I Might Point Out:
American Vacine Court

I have also inter alia pointed out lots of human rights treaties before on, which are generally written to stop and prevent wars, atrocities, tit for tat responses and improve the pleasure and quality of all peoples lives but alas those treaties are so often ignored and I also have a news site at when I write any.

Anecdotal News Stories Existence of Psychic Ability in People:

Product Review of documentries on 2007 Preminition Film DVD

Builder Nutbrown, drempt of lottery win night before and psychic also told daughter he was going to win. Scooped £3 million. [June 2008]

Lynne Groves won £1 million in Feb 2016, said chemlsford psychic jill childs forcasted win october 2015

Psychic Ocean Kinge precicted lottery win told firends feeling in her bones, set up syndicate in august [2010?], won christmas eve. £1 million win

Conneticut Carolyn O'Brien of New Milford claimed a $3 million prize, said psychic predicted win years ago [May 2017]

First DVD ever owned and watched
Mercury Rising

First Infant School I Attended:
Birds Meadow

Favourite film cited by one old girlfriend before travelling down to meet her for first time at her house. which i should have perhaps watched before visiting:

Last time I cried:
16th July 2017 when watching animal farm dvd, dated 2001. shortley after the 'ambulance' came for boxer, as i remembered being tortured inter alia on NHS wards in 2011

,br/> Most Poinent Time I cried:
before a mental health tribunal when realising my lawyer was unusable as he was of the opposite side and realising I needed another one, as I have never been able to find any good ones who fight to the best of their ability for those being detained, tortured and chmically labotomised in the mental health system and the spiritualist church didn't know of any either. (could try to see if psychic sally morgan knows any?)

Do I remember when I last watched TV:
No it was many, many years ago when I stopped watching distractions on the box, how about you?

Films and songs that Made Me Pause For a Moment as discovered after started
Poltergeist [2015 copyright on case], Eloise, Perfect Creature*[1], The Wicker Tree, The Rape of Maude Bowen Inkkubus Sukkubus Song

Article to remind me of if stupid enough to ignore something:
russian Psychic Ilya Stavsky ignoring crystak ball and then boarding Saratov Airlines Flight

Snacks Seem To Eat More Of:
Galaxy Cookie Crumble, Turkish Delight, Orange Club Biscuits, Jamie Dodgers

Drinks Most Likely To Consume:

Pomegranite Juice, Milk, Orange Juice, Pepermint Tea,

Meals I avoid (or rarely eat):

Breakfast Cereal

My Clothes Size:

Try Small/Medium. Suit Jacket: 36 inch 36R, Jeans 32/30inch Waist, 30 inch leg, Gi JacketSays 170, Leather Gloves before lost them: Medium, Boxing Gloves were 10oz, Sword Length :28? 3/8 Necklaces 16 inch chain, Shoe Size: 8, Ring Size: f**k knows, U? U and a Half?,

Articles citing people killed over reported Vampire hysteria:
Mikhail "Wearwolf" Popkov Russian Policeman, Serial Killer
Selenium Horse Race Deaths

First Nation Genocide, Arrest Warrant Queen Elizabeth II, Guardsman Vivian Cunningham, murders in residential schools, number 54, native lands been sold to logging companies, kids killed like maisie shaw, magie pushed to death out of a window by a nun, blankets, tuberculosis, dr peter bryce
Leilani Marietta (O'Malley) Muir - First Sucesful LAwsuit against Alberta Government Sterilisation Act. Getting $740,000 in 1996.

Articles On Various Poltergeists Include:

DIY House Tasks Done:
Picture Hooks For hanging Paintings
Alarm bracket for Battry Enabled Alarm
Bathroom fittings for toohtbrush, towel rail and soap
Installing braket for 24-7 Internet CCTV Security Camera, and Camera Setup, Configuration with router inter alia
Letterbox Draft Excluder and Internal LetterBox flap on the inside of the flat
Rescuing neclace that had falled down the plug hole into the you bend of the sink, unblocking sink
Bathroom wall cabinet in the kitchen for spices (two person job, needed to rope in particle physicist to hold in place while screwed brackets in wall)
Installed Bathroom Shelf On The Wall
Hooks To Hang Net Curtain From, and purchase
Other Points of Interest:

FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts)

Reasons to be wary of dating, speaking, socialising or fraternising with women :

Woman goes down for multiple counts of purjury
Linda Thomas Jailed Over BlackMail Threat
Bride cons fiance out of 13k Stag Fund
Japan's 'Black Widow' get sentanced to death for cyanide murders
Man Gang Raped by 3 women at Gunpoint, Johannesburg
23 year old Norweign Woman jailed for Raping Man

*[1]event in 2016 with cennunerous was before i even knew this film existed and it was supposedley made before that 2007 sev the policemans daughter incident.
[2] while seeing many videos ripping hydrick apart, years ago i saw a clip on another tv show he appeared on when a tv presenter had a hand over his mouth when he moved an object which seemed to have got burried removed vanished off youtube searches since, which certain debunkers seemed to avoid using.
[3] I wanted the verdict at the end to go the other way, purely out of enlightened self interest as i think case needed to be argued for letting people make up their own mind on how they should be treated rather than trying to strengthen organisations that have no respect for human rights, detain and torture you with drugs without your consent which i was subjected to and she was old enough to make her own choice of what treatment she wanted. testomony of psychologist who was killed and never made the stand in film though useful. as juries need to be reminded how outcome impacts on their own lives, whether in their prime or old age. so the unwary might find this film an unpleasent shock to your system, you have been warned!
[4]The Reason i'm not pointing douglas adams hitch hikers as a book to read, is i have issue with the building something that never breaks and going under politics, as if everyone was helping everyone out then we'd do that. as jobs for the sake of jobs to keep yourself employed is extreamly dodgy capitilist thinking that shouldn't be encouraged as conficts with my automating everything to reduce if not eliminate all work for everyone philosophy, and i'm avoiding listing novels and just went with authors as most if not all books I read in those days we're good but wanted to get the g tum-mo towal link in, however this statement means I should also have tow rite an essay in front of all the other books tom compensate for the odd remark every so often in them! and haven't so far