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My Political Views

Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.

HR Why I support all Human Rights Treaties and Statutes, and the more the merrier
LAW Why detaining poeople before trial breaches the chance of a fair hearing
POLIC Against Met's or anyone's use of Spit Hoods
EXPRE Why OK with Burkas and any other outfits
NHS Stop Torture being done to detainines on NHS wards and hand all evidence over, reports and charges to anyone detained
LAW Compulsory for judges to address and write up all arguments and counter arguments for every case
DEFEN Stance on nuclear deterent and trident
IMIG On mass migration,freedom of movement and those bitching about it
ENERG Electricity Switching
BUDGE Transparency
REL Gay Marriage or any other Marriage
FLAG Flag Burning
LAW views on the law and drugs
NHS Get Rid Of Pharmacy Subscriptions
WATER Water Monoplies suck get rid of them
BUSIN Give eveyone welfare and tax any money earned above that in yearly tax return
BENEF Benefit claculators and maths used should be fully tansparent
VOTE Lower the voting age
DEFEN Why no to forced conscriptions
FINAN Why I think people should give money to a cause they agree with not high interest loans
GOV On the purpose and formation of government and where I stand on taxation
EDU The Education system is slowing down the speed of learning because
FREE Why did I declare independence and a separate state from Britain while saying remain in Europe back in 2009 and stand against a besieging army alone?
LICEN Where do I stand on TV licencing and the BBC?
GEN Why I am working under the oppinion that Britain is commiting torture and genocide against its own people
HEALT Mental Health and Mental Capcity Acts Need to be at the very least rewritten if not thrown away entirely
TECH Google button over run word break Issue
RULES Formulating rules to live by
NUDIT ok with full frontel nudity or people wearing what they want
NUDIT what was the problem with sex nuditty part 2? (dont see your problem?)
GOALS What am i trying to do, trying to acomplish with my future
HEALT Oppinion of mental health
HEALT arguments for and against drugs use
THINK advice to judges when makin rulings
Foreign policy
NHS Stop Funding the NHS, Shut NHS down in it's entirety and replace with proper knowledge education, books research instead!
polic people who write reports need to be present
Clicking on the expanded arrow box along side each question will expand the question to show my reasons for forming that oppinion or approach to find the best political solution to help everyone out and also turns it to an up arrow if you know the reasons why