Introducing Gareth Bowen
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Unfinished Essays and Unfinished Book Drafts

(Also known as The Extended rant/explanation/point of view section. For those occasions where a Tweet or Facebook, or Sex Tree Journal Entry are never enough)

A Point of View

Folly of Torture 3 hour essay

How to avert that spiraling into war thing

Letter To DVLA re Mental Health, Driving Licence Renewals and Mental HEalth

Disclaimer: one of these days I might show enough disipline to actually finish an essay or book that is readable and that I have proof read all the way through, and that possibly with hope would make a difference to the world. Meanwhile i decided to construct this page to remind me to try and find everything i started writting years ago and perhaps work out where I am with this lot for now.

Note: All Documents are in pdf format, download a pdf viewer either from your mobile phone store or off the web or write your own. libre office, microsoft word, adobe acrobat as well as a lot of other companies provide readers to enable you to read downloaded documents in pdf file format Reminds me what ever happened to the pdf generator code i wrote years ago? would come in useful if i actually kept hold of all my own source code lol