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C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of
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Q6 What are your rates?
Depends what for!

I am happy to consider offers. Submit a job request to me and I will consider it whether this be me joining your board and or team, or doing a project in house or something else.
I was going to say £35k when I was released from detainment for a permeant role after being tortured as I was on twice that before when I was contracting before the independence repossession siege, and subsequent torture and intimidation at the hands of my captors incident dented my confidence for awhile, but since recovering I have got back into working on my own projects again and started to enjoy software development again and thus have begun remembering I have skills and continuing where I left off, after that unfortunate hurdle of a delay!

This generally means your all considered incompetent fuck wits for not hiring me sooner, and you will pay the price if I get myself to the point I am able to make money in so I can turn my attention to settling old scores like the complete and inhalation of all your businesses via doing a better jog than any of you reprobates could do notwithstanding that little side issue of working out how to get rid of and remove the establishment of the mental health gestapo who are no better than the people who we're coming genocide on the T 4 wards in Nazi Germany in 1939 amongst other things.

Working for anyone else won't change that, and I have refreshed my memory and broken the pain barrier on my skill set again. So Make me an offer and I will consider any opportunity presented, depending what the role and where you would like me to focus my effort and how fun it will be.

Ideally I just want to be able to purchase a house out right to house servers and implement electricity generation and perhaps cover food d to offset starvation happening again.

However if Britain does plunge itself into a civil war due to the continued spread and establishment of fascism who has already demonstrated they have no respect for human rights, the Hippocratic oath or anything else, it's perhaps a mute point and you may as well enjoy life while you still stick your heads in the sand.

If left to my own devices everything I want to do will get done eventually, but in what order and by when is highly debatable and I wouldn't want to second guess on that assuming no force majeure that I am unable to avoid.

As I really want to avoid a repeat of me being unable to afford hosting and it going down for 2 and a half years notwithstanding all the other years lost to being tortured against my will which prevented me from working and concentrating at a computer for a time under the so mental health system which is detaining and persecuting people for political and religious views amongst other things.

That being said having experienced redundancy before as companies went under or were bought out, their are certain roles like coming in to stream line or fire people I used to know, which I would probably do for free!

Including helping other people do a better job so that they go under the old fashioned way.

The more I get done the more expensive I get