Introducing Gareth Bowen
C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of
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Q5 What type of roles will you consider?
Anything that does not conflict commercially or politically with any of my own internal commercial or political projects and goals.

I have many years experience working on developing bespoke n tier software systems whether it be desktop, web or mobile or hand held device development having started programming in primary school, and graduating commercially with a Computer Science Degree to work in Many Large Commercial Environments.

This includes design, Testing, Project Management as well as Requirements Gathering and Software Development. Covering everything from inception to final delivery including system role outs in a live environment. This includes data migration, B2B communication and Performance Tuning as well as Unit Testing.

I have experience of the Middle Tier, Presentation Layer as well as the Database back End.

Choice of Language is irrelevant, but I have yet to write my own assembler, compiler or my own operating system yet which I regret.

With My Witchy tastes working with hex at the machine level could be worth it.

Yes I can do the development from my own 'office' at home.