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NHS Get Rid Of Pharmacy Subscriptions
Given I know the NHS has wilfully abused human rights and tortured people and thus broke the Hippocratic oath, Geneva convention and other human rights treaties and given my research into the likes of project bluebird, mk ultra and elsewhere.

I have zero confidence in having to have a doctor and going to people to get a subscription for supposed assigned medication in your name. hell doctors have even admitted they are ticking boxes without knowing what the words mean, or what constitutes the diagnosis that makes it up!

hearing that they gave people detained on mental health wards in the 1950's the birth control pill which is medical experimentation against someone's knowledge and consent, or given the likes of the 1993 German sterilisation act I'd much rather walk into a store and buy off the shelf anything then trust anyone working in that system at all!

other known abuses by the health systems include:

research the plutonium files, breakfast cereal experiments with MIT, Krugman Willowbrook State school, Tuskegee, Seleane horse race deaths based on incorrect prescriptions and of course torture I endured when held down and injected against my will and tortured on UK NHS mental health wards.

The NHS and UK have a long history of deceit which the system tries to protect, cover up. include convicted NHS doctor serial killers, Serial Kill nurses workers, cover ups and doctors who deliberately lied to patients about treatment they didn't need and I know for a fact they experiment and inject and torture people without their consent as I endured torture while detained on multiple UK wards which is why the entire NHS system is unusable and the entire prescription pharmacy thing of prescriptions made up in peoples name has to go and why people insane enough to trust any medical advice would be best advised at getting their own equipment to do their own chemical analysis on anything provided or recommended by that system at all.

As it stands going to a pharmacy for a subscription made up in your name increases your risk of being experimented upon (assuming your not one of the people detained, being held down and the drugs injected into you against your consent in mental health facilities or else where!), if on the other you decided to try a medication after doing research walking in and could buy it off the shelf without anyone else preparing it for you, making it up in your name, statistically you might be safer from being experimented upon with another substance notwithstanding it will probably kill you anyway, but impartial organisations are supposed to point out research and medication which doesn't help to get around that type of issue.

if people are stupid enough to consent to human trials over something then that is their own prerogative, or their own stupidity depending on your own point of view.

So I want to see an end to human experimentation and end to torture and other abuses by the so called health system which tries to control how people think, and an end to a system where genocidal mass murdering psychopaths (also known as doctors and psychologists) where you go through pharmacists to buy prepared subscriptions on. and mail order is perhaps a bad idea as well depending on who you use as a courier. (mail tampering such as by lots of people working for MI5 replacing not unheard of in history, if i could be arsed to find the reference out)