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Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.
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LAW views on the law and drugs
As far as I'm concerned the law goes to freewill and consent, and duress isn't consent.

if people want to take drugs and it doesn't impact on anyone else I don't see how any law abiding government can ban it.

Government continually crossing the line of trying to impose another belief set on another group of people always leads to loosing people and war.

just give people the information to make their own god damn mind up.

that being said, I would view cigarette smoke coming near me as a chemical weapons attack which by rights should open up the possibility of me being able to take action to stop said attack and damage inflicted there on in.

I think china's arguments during the opium wars over banning drugs was that they we're loosing too much of the work force, and that doesn't work for me, as if you want a job doing badly do it yourself, rather then expecting other people to do it.

one of my ex's used to nag for me to empty the bin when living with her, empty it yourself if it bothers you that much, or grow your own food.

and given people always declare separate state and renounce government when they are persecuted or face people trying to tell them what to do in life, I think the extra man power employed in militaries and police, the courts and prison service to compensate for the abuses of government in misinterpreting the law probably take up more man power than leaving people to make their own god damn mind up.