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REL Gay Marriage or any other Marriage
Marriage only exists as an attempt to protect you from perjury by the corrupt political officials in the system.

The concept being if you pull both factions into a room and get everyone to witness that they want to have sex together, then everyone can witness that they said I do, then its safe to kiss the bride and have sex or live together without getting done latter for false accusations at a later date by any corrupt people working in the political system. whether that be police, NHS, Social Services, courts or government.

as the fact you have a load of witnesses to all parties consenting should help in theory mitigate risk to you from getting pulled in, tortured, ruined or killed at a later date by whom ever is in charge as women and people are fickle, as is politics and marriage seems a good idea to try to make it safe for those to have fun without getting compromised by others if in the present or later on.

So Rome Juliet, St Bartholemes Day Massacre, Game of Thrones inter alia aside If people are stupid to get together, sign up to marriage with one another that is their prerogative, I really don't care what consenting individuals do amongst themselves. If it be one one one, or one and many of whatever as long as it's consensual

love is love and given the over population of the planet I don't think anyone has stated a reason why marriage shouldn't be allowed, as quoting a book saying that book said is nonesensical without supplying the reason why not!

for anyone to be taken seriously they really need to say why they formulated a conclusion or belief or theory in the first place, on what evidence or they will never be taken seriously at all as science seems to have forgotten what they formulate their conclusions way too many times which turns science into a nonsensical religion but i digress from why marriage:

Woman goes down for multiple counts of purjury

Linda Thomas Jailed Over BlackMail Threat

Bride cons fiance out of 13k Stag Fund

Japan's 'Black Widow' get sentanced to death for cyanide murders

Man Gang Raped by 3 women at Gunpoint, Johannesburg

23 year old Norweign Woman jailed for Raping Man

Delhi court, Purjury Case against woman

footballer Chris Evans cleared of rape after spending 2 and half years in prison over it

Carolin Pick footballer phone sex blackmail threat

Wendy Kirkbride, xbox blackmailer

Russian 'prostitute' vetlana Travis Zakharova accused of blackmail

Blenheim woman who blackmailed a man looses jail sentance appeal

Count Durham Woman who brutally murdered boyfriend tries to cover it up on facebook

Uber Passenger Woman stealing drivers Tips

Article Pointing out North Korean feamle assassins of Kim Jong-nam

Wilbert Jones freed after 45 years when conviction overturned

Not forgetting the likes of educational films such as: Witches of East Wick, Casabalanca, Byzantium [2012], Mr and Mrs Smith

and people who have live or live such as Elizabeth Bathory, Catherine de' Medici, Queen Elizabeth II, Dr Chapman, Cassandra and the NHs staff and managment of Lanchester Road Hospital, Staff of Darlington, Middlesburgh and all the rest

not forgetting all the sex allegations that got people detained thrown in prison years against politicians, tv personalities and film stars later as political winds change and you know how dangers it gets when concepts like double jeopardy gets thrown out and they keep pressing the same accusations with different courts till a conviction is got to either remove a person from a position of influence, or to stop them winning a contract or money elsewhere. Though your more likely to find that they use the mental health system to bypass even the courts in this day and age in order to silence reason and anyone trying to explain their reasons, solutions, strategies or on what evidence they formulated ones own beliefs.

It's a rude awakening when you find out the country or area your living in is no longer safe (if ever it was), much like termites beneath the service or (film like worlds end might help explain this, where certain people in positions slowly get replaced by conservative drones and then the world comes crashing down, last of the major arcane as luck as a kid sooner or later runs out, when you encounter the wrong type of people who instead of helping look to destroy whether for power, money or spite and that's before you even consider sexual disease, or child maintenance or anything else like that.

one wiff of a lie, contradiction walk, read everything they ever wrote, watch every video they ever did, if you do get married make sure you each have copies of photos and video for evidence as you can't trust anyone when sex is concerned for long, and no amount of sex is worth the inconvenience of being detained and tortured by the moronic NHS, psychologists who have no respect for human rights, consent or the Hippocratic oath. those tribunals are repetitive go on for ever and they never learn, listen and no amount of sex is worth waking up to find out that Britain threw away legal reasoning, evidence and replaced it with bullshit corrupt officials like that. they just subjugating the people to keep their own petty pay check and much like a quote in the film byzentium their motto seems to be anyone with knowledge must die.

they are corrupt, and rotten to the core and at this time still exist in power, due to stupid nature of brain washed majority who always seem to vote corruption in because it looks like way too many people broke the law and hired other people who were also corrupt to keep their power structures intact which is why anyone with the brain walked, stayed celibate and stopped speaking to anyone at all (however that doesn't help you when the tanks and armed police roll out anyway drag you and kill you on T4 wards, or other concentration camps, as i reflect on the saying that ignorance was bliss, and was fun for awhile, but sooner or later you realize that local people are capable of torturing and starving other local people out, and that local officials do lie, cheat, steal and commit atrocities and then your life as you know it is over for good. you have been warned, look before you leap play safe, and if you are going to have sex make sure you have lots of witnesses, video evidence to the consent part first.

as for who handles paperwork, and oversees witness ceremonies, j remember sweeny todd as much cover as you can get from as many different sources, groups to offset a double cross the better. Troy another moment in history to be reminded of. (Aladdin?)