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ENERG Electricity Switching
I was on a key meter with 0p daily rate charge and just under 16p kwh charge, and got a letter hiking the price up to a 30p daily charge.

that increases the electricity bill by almost half and by over £100 plus key meters appear to be deducting more than the set price per kwh as well at times, most odd.

This type of price hike above inflation in insane, and the time it takes to switch companies with 14 day cooling off periods also concerns me, as i'd like to know why it's not a 60 second change over job as far as billing goes.

eitherway a 14 day cooling off period, and 5 day to switch in an original email, was upped to 30 days for it to be achieved.

relying on energy companies is insane, and solar power at home would be my preference if I could afford it, wasn't living in a flat.

I'd hope companies where in it to help people out by providing services, rather than to make money wh8ich seems like an unreasonable thing to do.

water is just as bad, and needs competition in supplier as well or the ability for everyone to have a well.