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EXPRE Why OK with Burkas and any other outfits
As far as I'm concerned people only started wearing clothes either to keep warm, to stop getting sunburnt or to have somewhere to keep their keys, wallet, phone and loose change so their hands are free.

people who try to get people to conform to one type of dress or throw abuse against others wearing something different are complete scum, people should wear what (or even not wear) what they want in life.

freedom of expression, people stirring up hatred over differences are a problem, as people should be more focused in excepting people for who they are, and look at positives instead.

Also arguments are if it's sunny it may keep your face from getting sun burnt, or as in the spit hood argument keep you safe from infection from someone who is hostile to you all good reasons to be able to cover your face, perhaps you have an unsightly pimple that breaks out at an impoptune time then covering might also be something someone chooses to do, though probably unnecessary.

still its up to the individual to decide, not for anyone else to impose their will on them to do.

if people are encountering issues with how people are dressed or how they look, they should look to change their own perspective, as their is no reason to fear nudity or different body shapes or in any other outfit, and I am not entirely sure how those reactions and or conditioning crept into people to begin with.

Stop picking on other people and get a life!

I've recently seen since writing this some news articles saying ukip are arguing that burka should be banned because of vitamin d deficiency as a counter to the preventing sun burn argument. However that is a ludicrious argument in that all you need to do is show people who you think covering up is a bad idea, and that means explaining all the knowledge you have on vitamin d and how you think this benefits a person to get stating why.

At which point the individual makes their own mind up as I firmly believe a person has freewill and the right to do what they want, what they wear has no issue on another and forcing your will on another person or sub culture is wrong because it always resorts in slavery and war, which always spirials out of control and ends badley for example cornal gadafi, hitler, saddam Hussain, Marie Antoinette and the Russian tsars getting killed are more recent examples from history o of what happens when people don't back down forget to help some people out.

end torture make sure people are allowed to have fun, have a roof over their heads, have food and the ability to what they want in life, or you loose everything, and I think stressing and alienating people just leads to stress and suffering and being liked rather than fear is a more intelligent way to go.