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Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.
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DEFEN Stance on nuclear deterent and trident
I think an essay or a well reasoned argument or book has the potential to do more damage and take more people down or convert them for longer for longer than any nuclear weapon can.

however that being said, given the stupidity of Britain which can be highlighted through the brexit vote and the fact they are torturing detainess, and other countries, not having said I think the people have and always will have the right to defend themselves from invasion or another attacker.

I don't care what flag, or authority they claim.

people in my view have the right to defend themselves, or come to others assistance, it's called self defence.

invading someone's land or making threats is not justified, and your best of ignoring people.

that means i'm more a if you fly into my airspace we shoot you down kind of man, I don#' think their is any justification to actually invade any other land, or country unless the attacks are getting so insane and so desperate you have to shut it down at that level.

unlikely to work in principle.

perhaps a rescue of anyone kidnapped against their will is perhaps the only valid reason for going in hot into someone else's country or land or property.

Everyone is entitled to a place to live and a place to call home, everyone needs access to food, water, clothing, the internet and energy supplies.

everyone should be able to feel secure and safe and to enjoy the things they want to do in life, and to be able to have fun in peace with others of consenting and like mind.

I was reading an article in Wikipedia the other day regarding the first crusade and the execution of the jews on the way to it in 3 German cities.

and while reading that lot I noticed a reference to hungry and people getting massacred in a blood bath once they disarmed by the opposing side.

which is why I am ok with people having assault riffles in their home because those in authority do and given they appear ok with assassinating people on the freeway, and other human rights abuses I don't trust them at all, and never will, and I'd cite the genocide of inter alia the witches in the burning times, still persecuted by psychology today and the millions massacred in concentration camps in world war II as Britain and many other nations have already proven themselves to be scum.

I have more issue with those local to me who are breaking into homes, detaining people for politics and torturing them then the threat of any other nation at this moment in time.

If people feel the need for insurance to be left alone, I am ok with that. however I would also note the ben Kenobi stance in starwars about letting yourself be killed to become more stronger than ever has merit as well though assuming reincarnation is possible, their are times having some area of the planet to come back to might be a nice idea. though probably not worth the hassle at all.