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Q17 Policy on Call Logging
Assuming phone software works all calls I make recieve will be recorded by me to use for customer training and my your protection, assuming the technology doesn't pack up at time of call or if I forget to press the record button.

The reason for this is I was detained and tortured on uk mental heath wards and discovered that way too many people working in the system (nhs, social workers, lawyers, judges, police, recruiters, lay people, psychologists,social workers, water board) could perhaps be described as unethical lying sacks of corrupt shit and as such i would like to get more accurate quotes. And given law suits like sarkozy in europe, being done for having calls monitored while speaking to a lawyer, means I no longer trust the british system which I know detains and tortures people, meaning Britain breached the Hippocratic oath, nuremberg code, geneva convention and other human rights law and I've read way too many perjury cases and well detention, torture for political, religious belief tends to agrovate after awhile and certainly at the time as well.

Sorry sign of the times.

Any honest law abiding sooth speaking citizens who has ever been detained, tortured or sat through or endure one of those bullshit tribunals with torturers present or conversed with anyone representing, contracted or employed by inter alia the NHS, courts, psychology, or the police, will be yeah what ever with this. You can always use text unless your worried the system will pull you in and torture you for speaking. In which case you perhaps appreciate why their were silent orders in monasteries through the centuries.

How long I will store any recorded conversations, texts for another issue. (probably not long enough)