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Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.
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LAW Compulsory for judges to address and write up all arguments and counter arguments for every case
Judges throwing cases out saying things like 'its a democracy it cant be argued' generally result in people declaring independence and a separate state.

The legal system once envisaged as a place where higher minds and reason would circulate to address and smooth over disputes with logic in a way to help everyone out, has long gone.

it now appears to be a place of duplicity, double dealing and of fobbing off and heading the masses and against is hardly surprising that the country looses so many people.

Taking short cuts and refusing to address issues early causes more time, expense and problems like nuclear war down stream.

Every argument or counter argument to go one way or the other in an argument should be covered in a court ruling to show that it has been considered and to broaden everyone else's minds so they know what the issues are.

Only through that method can common sense be reached and a path followed that will bring the people together again.

quoting words that they don't understand as in psychology as a reason to hold someone does not count as a reason, I expect evidence and acts not rumour and hearsay as their is more danger to the stability of the country done by those who commit human rights abuses such as torture as is shown throughout history and the present day.

The fact psychologists and the medical profession are so blazay about breaking into homes and detaining people and refuse to hand over the reasons why, shows you they are unable to justify anything at all.

The entire British justice system as it stands is a joke beyond measure from what I have seen and hardly surprising their is so many wars on planet earth given the lack of people skills and the arrogance of the people working in the courts, the police, social services, politics and the health service.

The fact they rely on torture to extract confessions is insane, and shows that I would be surprised if any conviction holds up to scrutiny in the British justice system at all.

better shape up, clear transparent rules, we the people are not slaves, we are not cattle, we are free men and we the people work together because we want to not because a majority shows up with more guns and fire power which is no better then a school bully after lunch money.

one or many equal under the law, and freezing people or groups of people out due to people expressing opinion or having the audacity to learn stuff on their own is not conductive to good business, or the good will or peace of humanity at all!