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A record from history that might save your life if you point it out when confronted with psychologist like Dr Sinclair, Dr Chapman, Dr Martin, Garcia, Pyet, Thacker, Richard that Indian and all the rest when people like that are trying arguing in favor of more injections and more torture or worse. Return To Other FAQ Answers
Med1 Yellow Fever injections killing and bites killing 2nd Time
Ever been detained on a medical ward, when they inject you against your will in human experimentation, and then argue to up the dose and them arguing you a second time saying the first one was ok. if so you might find researching this history useful:

Yellow fever commission, lazear. taking an initial mosquito bite, surviving then dying on the second one.

nurse clara maass of east orange, new jersey working for a contract nurse in havanna, when the havana sanitary officer put a call in for reeds experiment. she agreed to be beaten 1901, contracted a mild case and agreed to be bitten again on august 14. she died two weeks later, only 25 years old. and was a buried in newark. p16 to p18 of undue risk, state experiments on humans, by Johnathan d Moreno.

Italian bacteriologist at louis pasteurs paris institute claimed to have reproduced yellow fever in 5 humans by injecting them with a microbe called bacillus icteroides. His subjects had not given permission and three of them died.

p16 undue risk, state experiments on humans, by Johnathan d Moreno.

the book also goes on to say the disease skipped families people and houses and took other blocks down. "consistent with a culprit travelling on the wind"