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polic people who write reports need to be present
I know for a fact the police lie or make inaccurate statements in reports and that people in Britain are detained, tortured and convicted on the reports of someone who lies in power.

The way to stop this is, that if a forensic psychology is using a report and using that as a basis to detain someone, the,person who wrote the report needs to ne present in the same time as the accused is questioned in order to clarify why they wrote a statement in a report and to double check if it was a typo from windows changing words on you and to allow a proper defence.

The fact Britain doesn't hand over reports to the accused or names of people who compiled them and tortures people shows that the entire British legal system is a joke and also explains why so many wars happen because of the stupidity and corruption of people in office who ruined lives and covered up police NHS court government wrong doing as conflicts need to be resolved quickly as the longer it goes on the greater the damage and more lives ruined.

As far as i know those people still unknown are still working in positions in authority in Durham or elsewhere.

if your following this link from the shane o mara why torture doesn't work rebuttal link on my interests page, it's because he argued that forensic psychology was better in my opinion and in my professional opinion they are all shit and just as guilty of crimes as everyone else, no one should be tortured, or detained without everyone being pulled into a room to see who lied, and no one should be injected against their will or experimented upon ever against their will.

courts, social services, police, forensics, news papers psychology and those joke tribunal hearings where they detain and torture people indefinitely without evidence are a joke. (a joke that isn't funny when your on the receiving end of perjury by people in office) which means always point out your sources, and how you formulated your belief set, something I've never seen psychology, the courts (in a mental health tribunal inter alia) do.