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LANG culture fix 21st Nov 2017

noticed a bug from a long time ago where drop downs wern't being populated if culture set to en over en-GB I put a fix in to resolve, but haven't checked elsewhere on this or

so if having an issue and selecting culture on my site doesn't resolve, you can try adding GB for Gareth Bowen in so en-GB over en in your wen browser settings to see if that resolves anything.

If still encounter issues on any other culture send me an email with the culture setting your using and i will look into it.

as i didn't go their in full with languages at the time (pre torture house repossession era) due to lack of commercial interest at the time.

sorry about that, if i notice an issue i do get round to fixing, but if you need a fix sooner point out as I've forgotten most of the functionality I've written over the years.