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NHS Stop Funding the NHS, Shut NHS down in it's entirety and replace with proper knowledge education, books research instead!
After being detained and tortured on UK NHS Mental Health Wards, where i was held down and injected against my will. I can safely say that I know they and their research and skill set are no longer to be trusted and therefore wouldn't want to use them ever again.

I am against anyone who tries to impose their will on another and as such my medical policy is for everyone to publish how they formulated their conclusions about what cures, causes an aliment.

that would be me requesting information on how to build scientific equipment, where to buy it from if able to purchase cheaper and how and what to do to or they did to formulate their conclusions in the first instance whether be in observing something change color if exposed to something else in an effort to rule something out, or what they observed under a microscope or anything else all be it I was ok with shamanic concepts of trusting the deities, faith healing and or negotiating illness over trusting that opinion of the NHS on anything at all.

(Hearing them out one thing, letting them hold done torture and do human experimentation people on never, and they do do that, experienced first hand which is why the NHs has to go because to msny people in UK has been brain washed into committing criminal acts at the hands of those who run the system and that is why the NHS dies at the result of it;'s own hands)

I know for a fact psychology is just their to commit genocide (destruction of a way of life through the use of techniques such as torture or brain washing as they abuse the vulnerable) and to destroy a way of life by trying to use injections to shut people who try to develop psychic or other skills down like political, religion or scientific reasoning under the terms of mental illness, and that they threw the Hippocratic oath ago eons ago.

i have a vested in pointing out medication, vacinations and people on their end who kill people in the hope that people will start respecting freewill and consent again.

those who argue the other way in my opinion are criminals and any argument saying inject someone against their will in order to save them is flawed as in a world over crowding, if you choose to immunize under the logic it safeguards you, why would you care if anyone else who didn't die? thus rendering your arguments superfluous as the people arguing to inject the public by force are the ones who are human experimenting on people against their consent, and the ones who are committing torture and other criminal acts, which is why I said no to any government or people going against the concepts of freewill oir consent in the first instance as that in my belief is what caused all those wars, throughout history that got people killed in the first instance and everything else is just bullshit.

9-11, the loss of church power as a consequence of inquisition, and other incidents should have thought you that torture has not and never will win anyone on planet earth over.

the only way to persuade a person that your conclusion are any good is to state your reasons, logic in full and give the testimony detailing all the observations research done to justify why you believe a certain thing, and anyone who holds someone down and tortures them has already lost as they couldn't refute arguments because they used force again in order to believe their belief set and anyone who was secure just left anyone alone, or just marked essays down saying why they thought their opinion was wrong!

as we the people should all be equal under the law, and I don't know why anyone tried to impose a hierarchy of doctors detain and tortured people without trial in indefinite detention as it destroyed Britain, the planet and any concept or trust in the so called health service which is the uk genocide division notwithstanding other services implicated in war crimes, such as the SAS, security services or military and of course parliamentarians, the courts, the queen, any press who try to asthmatically undermine human rights, and anyone else working in that system as it got thousands, millions killed across the globes.

so yes I do believe every NHS worker is a genocidal convicted war criminal who can't be trusted at all and anyone using greater numbers and more weapons to justify forcing a person to conform under the term demoracy as Hitler or south African apartheid did, is clearly delusional and lost its mind

Most if not all NHS works, doctors psychologists I have encountered should have been removed from office or thrown in jail centuries ago they have no respect for humanity or life, and I will not condone or fund or support the NHS or any political party that promotes them as a force of good, especially when terms like 'austerity' to disuse increased death certificates at their hands as sound the type of thing hitler would use to dissuade the millions rounded up and extinguished on t 4 wards and concentration camps and else where.

the argument comes down to free will and choice, britian experiments and tortures people and crossed an ethical line and therefore is no longer trusted or respected by me.

and research on convicted NHs serial killers like dr harold shipman and how the NHSpeople seem to have been conditioned to lie and deceive people means no chance to I take their word or medical expertise on anything, though I might hear their ideas out if they wrote it up properly saying how they formulated their conclusions in their entirety.

everyone who held down and injected a person against thier consent (and their is many who did lanchester road hospital, durham, darlington, middles-burgh which i can testify first hand to) having broken the law) is a convicted criminal in my view.

possible further reading includes (which needs to be updated by me):

cruel Britannia: a secret history of torture
the plutonium files
krugman, willowbrook state school
tuskgee syphillips files
selinium horse race deaths

Doctor Harold Frederick Shipman (Serial Killer, Estimated 250 murders)
2002 Collin Norris,Murders Leeds Hospital, Found Guilty Newcastle Crown Court 3rd March 2008
Nurse Serial Killer Victorino Chua, 49 ,Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport
May 1993 Serial Killer Nurse Beverley Gail Allitt, Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire
2004 Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati, Saddam Hussain Torture Dcotor working for the NHS for 7 years
"NHS Boss" Mr Mueen-Uddin, for Murders, and torture in Bangladesh
Dec 14 2016,Lea Ledesma,London Heart Hospital, 18 months unlawful Killing with blood transfussion, Southwark Crown court.
28 April 2017 Breast surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years for carrying out needless operations, Nottingham Crownn Court

Dr Martin, Dr Sinclair, Dr Chapman, (and name of that Indian I can never remember darling-ton and the rest of the scum who work there), whomever the second that signed off on torture in 2013 (seconds never bought in the first time round and I don't think the law was changed or has been changed in the interim unless anyone has any evidence to the country?) and all the staff working on those wards and in management and in the high court tribunal, hospital managers court system as well are all criminals ) that's just the ones who signed off on trying to use torture to shut people up, and did the dirty work of torture and ordering it and that;s before you get into the moral dilema of are the ones who were injecting after someone verbally said no, and pointed out htat they were only agreeing because if they didnt they would be still incrcerated (so an agreement by duress), are they also just as guilty as those who physically ordered, held down, injected on those who now, pointing out that references to statute and laws treaties they were breaking was pointed out first hand, so they had been cautioned to the fact they were breaking the law)

as i reflect on if the 1950s tv series the prisoner and if the balls were an allegory on that if anyone shows balls or entrepreneurship skills they will be bought back and tortured as a relapse which is why the mental health system was set up, to shut people down to break them early, and an effort to keep them living in fear for their entire lives, as those corrupt individuals in power got rich off the people who starved to death, died in the interim. (or was it just that the nhs just suffocate you till you die?) 1970s Blakes 7) b, 1990's tv shows (babylon 5) also warn people of the danger of psychology, and the agenda that has been pushed expanded on their end) as i didn't realize the extent of nhs abuses or the existence of the NHS genocidal 'mental health' till 2008.

all be it i knew the NHS had infected people with hepatitis as a kid in contaminated blood transfusions (my uncle) which incidentally has a kid who was ruled autistic (as I reflect on law suits over vaccinations having caused autism, as was reading paper yesterday, and had brief search on law suits over that) as well as the disfigured babies over Thalidomide as my mother worked for the NHS, but i only started looking at evidence on NHS abuses after i was detained and tortured many year later, in order to better safeguard me and others as i know they system just tried to condition people into selling people out in order to pull them in and torture people as too many people seem to not question anything or give a dman so long as they aren't the ones being detained tortured and experimented upon, and that is why people snap, as if people get killed in retaliation over people dieing, starving then its probably their own stupidity. as their is only so much being pushed around, stamped, filed indexed a person can take before they fight back (Assuming they don't just give up and die in disillusionment over how corrupt the system had become) some try to compile news, evidence , others pick up guns and Britain and elsewhere becomes a little dodgy when you realize that elements of humanity would try to turn country int a class system, in an effort to detain and abuse another set of society deemed mentally ill for detailing their belief set, or for trying to make business, or to run for office inter alia) and they they would be stupid enough to actually believe their was anything wrong with those people detained, tortured or that they themselves would actually get conditioned to throw their own consciences away in order to commit atrocities while accepting a pay check working for those war criminals.

(note to self work out How much it would cost to put the NHS torture people on the side of a bus? or would that undermine pointing out their crimes given brexit maths fiasco as not sure where the brain washed populace of Britain stand on that anymore)















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