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Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.
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Foreign policy
Stop bombing other countries to stop influx of refugees.

Give political advise whether sarcastic or otherwise in how an area country can improve to make things better to so people will want to live their instead, thus hopefully pacifying all the xenophobic racists in Britain who didn't want anyone coming over spending money here and if that means pointing out all the arguments problems that caused a dispute to arose, and the order of events in an effort to try to formulate a workable solution to get peace and stability and make an area habitable again than all the better.

politely pointing out that governments are supposed to be improving the quality of all peoples lives as loosing sight of that concept is what leads to stressful futures for all concerned, hence why it's in your own best interests to help people easy, and remember that your supposed to be helping, inspiring when in a position of authority rather than alienating and loosing everyone due to your own arrogance, ineptitude. as if people are breaking away declaring independence then it means your customer service skills most likely sucked and you didn't get back or sort an issue out when it was pointed out the fist few times.

As if people want to live in that area more, then their more space for you in your area, and the nice and more educated and the easier to communicate, and the better people get along, the more chance people might come up with advances, gizmos or strategies that improve the quality of everyone else lives, as well as your own least you encounter problems at a later date.

Given the nature of the how environmental and other disasters (i.e. nuclear fall out clouds, and other air pollution) at any part of the world can impact ourselves or other people thus meaning pulling out of the international community or Europe is an act of absurdity as communication barriers really need to be broken down, and concepts like love and pluralistic ideas sharing and respecting in common differences, and of course individuality as wars, starvation and other issues are stressful as hell and was much better in the days when I remembered love (does that still exist as a concept in the modern world?)

uk, countries, companies, individuals ideally needs to be self sufficient as far as energy, food supplies go and really does need to keep track of influx of resources coming in and out as the same any business would least the area go under and the people or you starve. As UK government, other countries and many other people have proven that people let others starve, or die and why anyone who gets self sufficient has more chance of surviving incompetent misguided majorities who loose track of what the point of democracy was which was to improve all peoples lives, which is the path to peace, respect, trust and fun again (i hope)