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NHS Stop Torture being done to detainines on NHS wards and hand all evidence over, reports and charges to anyone detained
having been transferred and incarcerated on an NHS ward after the 2011 police siege I found to my horror that they refuse to hand over information relating to why your detained as well, that they prevented access to a lawyer and breached the geneva convention when they held me down by force against my will injected me against my will with drugs I didn't consent to.

The drugs caused my mouth to swell so I couldn't speak and my jaws to rip apart in extreme agony, the effects of which lasted days and this was done before I was allowed access to legal representation.

The other injections when teams of 5+ people showed up to hold me down and do injections with other drugs also resulted in sever agonising pain and duration, as every walking second seemed like an eternity in time.

They have no respect for the Hippocratic oath or any of the human rights treaties those right we're pointed out to them in advance and as far as I'm concerned is a breach of article 3 and existing uk statute as well.

The people working on those wards are no better than the people who were working on and committing genocide on the T 4 wards of Nazi Germany or the concentration camps.

I did nothing to prompt this aggression mealy minding my own business lying on my bed waiting for time to go by to be released.

This type of thing has to be stopped immediately. the mental health system is being used to persecute people for political, religious belief and what with project blue bird, mk ultra and abuses by Britain else where such as kenya in the 50's. it is hardly surprising Britain lost all areas that they claimed jurisdiction over.

none consensual torture does not win people over, it is not good for mental health and signs the death warrant of the NHS in it's entirety as only a sane person would put their faith in a system, rife with mal practice incompetence and that is when doctors like shipman, or the angel of death and other NHS nurses aren't assassinating people or employing managers linked to mass graves of genocide abroad.

The Current system Britain has adopted is to intimidate people into silence via use of minders that go by the name of CPNs and using relapses if anyone tries to do anything productive, I can testify that the NHS commit human rights abuses like injections against the will to stop people focusing and being able to work at a computer or read a book. They get away with this through the propaganda network of the mainstream press and the use of relapses which are currently being used to bypass any notion of a fair and impartial justice system which requires evidence to work.