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Q15 Guiding principle in how i formulate logic in political decisions
I base and sense check all decisions on freewill and consent as i think any other argument that erodes that line destroys the entire planet in thermo nuclear war or some other global disaster. Those who try to turn democracy into a removal of civil liberties in an an effort to get a totalitarian state are generally f**king everyone as democracy should be about pooling resources and looking at ways to expand opportunity, fun and helping to improve everyone's lives not just the many or the few.

I look at how a ruling can be used against me and others in other contexts which is why i tend go down the middle, and why i avoided joining the authoritarian mini hitler sheep who keep trying to justify an erosion of freedom which ultimately destroys the planet as they should have looked to inspire confidence and love instead.

I tend to be neutral initially but usually go one way or the other on an issue after looking , i state my reasons and rarely move sudes unless i hear an argument or logic i havent heard ir considered before which might switch my opinion on some close calls but not necessarily.

And i am of the view that people who sit on the fence trying to humour or play the sides get killed by all sides if they they argue one thing to one group and another to another. I expect people to state what they believe and what reasons experiences knowledge caused them to reach those conclusions. As i always have given my reasons and its annoying when people detain and torture people for explaining how conclusions were formed. Citing mental illness while they themselves we're unable to produce any evidence to go the other way meaning they are nothing but murderous monsters in the end.

See my politics faq for which way i stand on majority of issues

I don't recognise authority of majorities who try to vote and destroy the freedoms of individuals one or few and will always look to hoping they remember they are supposed to help all people out and expect people to be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Though i always like it when everyone's lives are improved so long as it doesn't erode freewill and consent. Thus positive enticement tends to work over threats.