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Q14 Communication issues and dark web issues
It has come to my attention that twitter doesn't always tell me if a person replies to a tweet i cc them in on which means you can assume it hasn't been read.

and given previous issues where mobiles don't forward text messages on and emails to some people.
dont assume messages get delivered and what with search engines not showing sites on search results you can't assume any message ir email got through.

Spoken call might get through, video or face to face meeting are definitely safer but other agencies, parties could be illegally breaching privacy and monitoring, and or filtering communication out, thus think and engage your brain before you speak and go on record with things.

Currently my contact form relies on forwarding to an email. However creating a sextree account and emailing me on there at least means you will know if the message girly saved and thus means i will see it as twitter either can't code for toffe or are extremely unethical trying to screen people out from bring visible to others which wouldn't surprise me based on clairvoyant information from years ago.

I do have contacts and still speak with about one person on Facebook see replies posts on that at least fron some,people so that is possibly ok as an alternative. But that rarely shows anything up.

However that being said someone in 2014 did send me a text after getting my phone number from someone else and asked me out on a date in durham and i did get that message and resulted in a few months of sex, but that could just be people getting sloppy.

If sending christmas or birthday cards or letters please include your address, telephone, and or email as assuming any of my address books survived is insane as some people did years back and i couldn't send return card as didn't know address and that was annoying at the time.

Deliveries, letters do go astray or are delayed perhaps because they are being routed Via other agencies or perhaps just getting lost by a crap postal company who knows, and i perhaps dont care but i know some people including myself have stress if they think messages aren't being replied too, or being ignored at various times of their life.

Reason companies governments censor, possibly are they dont want people knowing about abuses like torture they commit, or they just want to censor knowledge or skills while they profit at others expense.

Those who are deliberately blockading i think are in breach of right to association amd breach of personal family life and unfair compertition law inter alia but doesn't get round issue of did message get through.

Hence not sure if i count as dark web these days or not, given i go by name of gothiclight or if dark web is just the corporations fleecing the man. But that's perhaps just symantics, interpretation and point of view. But anyway assuming anything is insane.

Given way system detains and tortures people under mental heath for politics and other views, showing up to speak to some if not all was deemed risky by me based on my knowledge of how uk propaganda and uk abuses of law is applied at least in short term.

However their ability to intimidate weakens after awhile given enough people have seen their bullshit on medication for what it is, as longer people off meds amd that's been well over year, the weaker those criminal agencies get regarding how the propaganda conditioning of the populace go with that system as is. But given those torturers still work in those positions, doesn't really bode well.

But anyway ignorance is bliss as the saying goes, but beyond that, yes the uk illegally details and tortures people Didn't you get the memo? Oops well, nevermind. I didn't either which is when i was tortured it came as a nasty surprise ss i didn't think people in Britain would. And they did.

So yes, meanwhile pleased to meet you. I'm Gareth. How are you?