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THINK advice to judges when makin rulings
Do unto others as you would have done onto you and peehaps bare in mind liz Hurley in bedazzled sense of humour as far as opposition goes when it comes to sense checking what you write when escaping hanging in the revolution if you do to explain your logic reasoning in full amf all arguments that have ever been for and against going in a particular direction with a judgement.

As in a system for all equal under the law,churches, coppatioms, governments, militaries, rulers whether few, one or many shpuld treated the same as far as logic for decisions go. Which I think generally comes down to freewill and consent and intent.

On a world where judges are abusing the law and women cant be trusted for honesty and everyone ignores evidence then it would explain why the institution of marriage was decided and why people are supposed to give oaths before being allowed to kiss tgee bride before onlookers from either faction.

Only seems relevent in areas where people are bing pulling in executed, tortured on the whims of irrational people with a grudge when trying to remove people for their own power structure.

As all it takes is a bribe, or someone looking for advantage to cry wolf and some poor niece unfortunate gets screwed ans their life ruined for ever.

Which means likes of highly paid footballers perhaps should consider no sex out of wedlock, as you really do get shafted by money grabbing whores.

Some people dont know how dangerous the system is, ignorance is bliss and fun till you get abused by people in positions of authority making a power play, especially when way too many ignorent people follow illegal orders to lie, kill, detain, torture people at anothers command.


Also see inter aliaTroy, game of thrones, and at bartholemews day mascre as well aa trend of some uk rulingings and how uk justice system currently works in practice, direction uk moving in.

That being said you make your own risk assessments in life, bit you have been warned! What goes around, comes around type of thing

I know People in social services, courts, police and NHS are lists the problem I have is that the lie is someone quoting someone else which means either the person in services or the one writing report is lier. However in news I quote list my sources and people are being detained tortured without reports been given to detained, or without cross examination of person making report. So leaves at an I pass that either one or both ate liers ir lots of people bullshiting in union. If in doubt I just avoid all parties.

However I have seen sloppy articles on me on news articles where they have made inaccurate statement not saying who made statement and whether that was read somewhere else told to them in person and if so by who type of thing but I put that down as the article writer being shit at their job, unless its deliberate? I really ought to phone them up and get them to correct that type of thing.

Either way attempting to write up news reports, facts, judgements accurately is one thing but deliberatly misleading, lieing, torturing people to ruin lives for personal gain completely another and way too mamy people working in system should be removed or thrown in jail as is.

Psychic info says a judge was deliberately trying to keep me out of work for a year to profit for someone else. (10 years ago) I don't know if that statement is or accurate or which judge was f**ling me over if that statement is accurate, either way sooner or later one way or another your going down if you dont tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as still curious who the system is covering up.

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