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Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.
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GOALS What am i trying to do, trying to acomplish with my future
Well ending that religious political conflict that has spanned the centuries and getting a rewrite of a bible with all the reasons in why people formulated their belief set, was one of my plans, as well as improving and this site and getting other sites done or improved till I make money was one of my plans but I tend to be picking at it and don't think I will accomplish it and while I wanted to unite the world as the antichrist by questioning belief and uniting in knowledge and trusting peoples experiences. I really didn't want the job after being tortured on mental health, though I keep fiughting for and arguing that side.

so my specialities was turning god into evil and the devil into good to readdress the balance of propaganda and abuses from years ago, or from turning science into a religion for not saying what they observed and religion into science for recording their experiences on the psychic side and well I was saying the nhs destroyed lives and the military saved lives to reverse that one as well, and the nhs did prove my point when they tortured me thus loosing them their argument for eternity and the nhs really does need to stop killing civilians and remember that their only purprose was to help keep people alive when they are attacked by a hostile force and any notion of fighting for conquest as some advertising they did sais is obsurd.

I enjoy listening to good music but its so hard to find and the only reason to go to a club was to dance or meet someone for good sex, but conversations are so over rated as is going on and I like working at my own stuff but I don't think it matters and or will be done in time as everyone else got good as well, so its more just a full time hobby and I do want to continue learning the martial arts because id like to be able to defend myself if detained and tortured again as being dragged into a shower block or ice house as zyklon b or exhaust fumes is pumped in, or being lobotomised for being able to explain and justify my actions and belief set while they just regurgitate other peoples crap under the flag of mental health is well annoying and not something i wanted to endure.

I was always impressed when some martial artists could just take the gun of those in charge when they needed to if was pointed at them which I think is a good skill to have given certain political trends.

my personality is not going to trend, as far as a women goes, and sex, and what they want I don't care though it would be nice for them to say how frequent they want to meet up, talk if at all and what they want to do with that time, as I'm ok with occasional things.if I like you I will say if you ask, but if I say I wont go further in a relationship and screaming and shouting or doing anything else unlikely to ever change my opinion, so the immature ones who keep trying to blame others should start taking responsibility for their own issues, as I am ok with having sex or friends with some, and I tend to be monogamous unless it is a rare meet up and all parties involved still consider themselves single and well just having fun at the time. really so laid back to be unreal.

I don't feel the urge or desire to finish the books I was writing all those years ago, not at this time but interests I had while rested don't tend to go away and more a people thing in the end. though id rather be myself then role play to be honest in the end.

stopping torture and genocide and sharing knowledge also sub goals but that is more for my self preservation these days rather than for everyone else, though being on ones own without any hassle or agro from anyone else is also nice as well.

leaving people to their own devices and to do what they want amongst consenting adults is my preferred approach, eviscerating people just causes people to get stressed and sulk and i no longer take pleasure in eviscerating those who wear mean to me in life. usually because the damage has already been done