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NUDIT what was the problem with sex nuditty part 2? (dont see your problem?)

also as for size of a person bits, when I ejaculate or orgams I know I really tend to not care about the women immediately after unless I really like her and that my usual response is to flee immediately, so as a counter point to the people wanting to cover up because someone got embarrassed about their size of bits. if they orgasm what do they care if it was in her vagina, in her mouth in her hand, or just him or her doing it himself or someone else, the biological trigger and sensation is the same, so does it really matter if it was done inside a woman or in private, or in front of a vid or a picture or anything else? as long as its consensual and people are having fun.

really come in? sexual frustration goes out the window on orgasm for blokes as I quickly scan my exs and remember some who didn't, and when they did it scared the hell out of me, with tears and everything.

on being questioned say that type of thing didn't bother them, orgasming or not and they enjoyed the sex, but not being a women I can't verify that perspective, unless you start arguing reincarnation and coming back as the opposite sex, and than i'd have to remember the other perspective at the same time, and like anyone cares as long as everyone is having fun?

however some women bits did have different responses to others at times during sex.

my answers are too long for the faq, and I need to change the code to compensate, as my todo list grows.

so can someone remind me what the pros of having physical sex with a women where, when they go in with empty the bin, do the house work, do this, don't do this, are you coming to this and make your life a living hell, unless you get through them shouting screaming trying to black mail stage to the peace and quiet having fun being allowed to do your own thing stage, and why did I only get to that stage with the women I was less into? [rhetorical question don't answer that]