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NUDIT ok with full frontel nudity or people wearing what they want
I think the only reason people ever got self conscious about nudity was because they were conditioned to fear it by every one else and people tried to impose a system of guilt on people to make them self conscious about themselves and either people get scared of it, angry towards it or go on the rampage to prove yes they can. way too many problems come from trying to stop people doing what they want in life.

revulsion at some seems none cencical and artificial as their is no logic to it, and revulsion seems to go away of it's own accord. certainly when look again. Was considering if the people who spent more time on a photo even nudity meant it looked better for longer, if they we're happy with it, as opposed to it being done in a rush as well inter alia but that tends to be drifting off topic here.

though the counter arguments which ended up in that mess was probably someone got jealous once, and perhaps ordered everyone to cover up their bits up as not to make someone feel self conscious about them self, probably because someone wasn't get laid or cheated on someone for someone else, and cited that as a reason perhaps?

perhaps the solution to that is better dating sites and pointing people out who are single more as I think people tend to fall for those with nice personalities and some people perhaps exhibit similar traits and you like to certain body types based on experience as I know some women can't handle a large penis, and others would rather have some skilled empathy and pleasure or a dildo.

perhaps a list in a night clib where you can say your single and people can come and find you, or just someone points all the people if any who are still available and are open to possibilities, unless you rely on the constant eye contact across a crowded room with a smile line. though does raise the issue of being heard in the club and having that conversation. unless you just show them a web page with all your information on so they can read and go yes or no to friends, and good sex for life perhaps as I try and work out how to get around the so how do we break the ice and get to know each other in this venue. what ever happened to pointing people out or someone being sent to make introductions to do people?

then again coming to terms and realising the agro of dealing with the opposite sex is so not worth it, is perhaps also a good strategy in which case why would you even care if they were clothed or not unless your feeling competitive or jealous of looks?

however the problem with falling in love with a really attractive women, is if you loose them or they rip your heart out the chances of going on a rampage and putting the enemies heads on spikes in retaliation ala dracula is perhaps greatly increased, or have I developed immunity of the falling in love phase, and is the moment you fall, the moment they run, so annoying when that happens lol

so why where people stroppy over nudity and sex again?

get a room only helps if everyone has one! and I don't think everyone has one at this moment in time, really sloppy work from politician and government there.

nudity sex being returned in some random web searches was also probably a good thing, if your getting annoyed at genocide or other things, to remind you of humanity and love in the world.

the conditioning people into slavery and servitude with fear and aggression and the no word strategy so isnt working out, it caused more problems than its worth. people who say you have to do something are generally considered stupid in my book, and I have suggested to black belts they used the words it is advisable if you want to get good or be more effective to do [insert what ever they were talking about here] because of these reason [insert reasons here] not that anyone seems to listen, share knowledge anymore.

pointing risks out and ways to mitigate generally appreciated, as well as i.e. things like safety barriers to stop falling, being pushed of clif