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RULES Formulating rules to live by
This was an attempt in one of my facebook post once 23.5.2017

Rule 1 assume nothing and just because someone does something all other times encountered doesn't automatically mean they will do the same thing next time round.

Rule 2 trusting information stupid, discounting or ignoring information pointed out also stupid as it Can at times save your life if taken under consideration.

Rule 3 just because someone information proves accurate some of the time, doesn't mean it will be accurate all the time or that they won't double cross mislead or drop you in it at a later point perhaps to make you think for yourself or sone other reason. So do your own thinking where possible.

Rule 4 their are no rules other than to remind you that a possibility exists least you forget and fucked by someone exploiting a concept or to act as guidence to help you get out of a tricky situation or archive a task and that some strategies can work better than others short term but can cause you more issues hassle if not a messy demise at a later date .

Insert anything else you can think of... Yada, yada ya and dont forget some people rewrite or add to their own interpretation of 'the rules' all the time

statute probably ought toget pro active and state the reasons why they formulated a procedure either as part of their guidance or as an additional document that is attached to it and references it, covering everything they know or examples of problems caused if something is ignored.