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HEALT Mental Health and Mental Capcity Acts Need to be at the very least rewritten if not thrown away entirely
At a bare minimum all clauses which are being used to attempt to justify treatment against the persons consent should be removed.

Mental capacity should have clearly unambiguous defined tests like the ability to remember your own address or name, or ability play a game of chess or Othello or other strategy game, the ability to write an essay, or be able to do 2 + 2 (in a specified numeric system, and while on that note all number date systems being used need to be defined in all statutes that use numbers for amounts, time or anything else) or work out the total of a shopping bill or say how many fingers a person has up or ability to ask a question or be able to enter a key code into a door. As far as I'm concerned just passing one test is enough to justify mental capacity based on my experiences of mental health.

All uk statute I have read on it is just an excuse to detain people without evidence or charge for political religious views and that is wrong.

the fact they even refuse to pass over evidence or reasons why people are detained, or why they try to prevent people having access to people or try to prevent people sending messages off a ward or try to stop them communicating with the outside world I consider wrong and an abomination of everything I stand for.

I prefer to transfer money funding NHS to welfare which I think everyone should be in receipt of, with tax forms done on all income gained above that which isn't going to interfere with cash flow to cover living and housing expense.

As given their lack of respect for humanity and their inability to look words up on forms they are ticking boxes on, and the abuses they have knowingly committed and were told they were committing in advance of them doing it, means the people would be best trusting their own education, and their own research.

Also I am of the opinion anyone forming a limited company in the uk with company house will need to remove the clause from the articles they regarding their removal do to mental capacity if they are to be deemed sane given the double standards and my knowledge of Mental Health as is.

clauses need to be added to ensure that if people do want to have someone else with them like a lawyers or friends they can in all meetings with psychologists and all tribunal hearings and that anyone detained can also be used to assist them in their case as well in a hearing.