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GEN Why I am working under the oppinion that Britain is commiting torture and genocide against its own people
Given psychology teachings and their policy of detaining, torturing those who picks up on clairvoyant Information and what they are quoting in Wikipedia articles and the fact that they admit those classed have shorter life spans no doubt dur to the unnecessary forced injections they do in an attempt to supress and initimidate anyone from openly developing or talking about those skills and the fact that i was detained and forcibly injected against my will in 3 uk NHS facilities and given press reports after Teresa may came to power over ordering the military to suspend the right to life and liberty of person and given they pulled me in and tortured me again even after the NHS restructure and the high court 2013 rulling awarding compensation for the human rights abuses Britain committed back then. And other torture abuses committed by Britain in all the decades that follow I am generally of the regard that Britain has crossed the line and is in committing genocide territory based on what they teach and do.

Those who thought the bad old days of the burning years and the killing time where over and that it was safe in great Britain may be rudelly awakened with increased occurrences' of armed police, premeditated police assassinations being reported on the motorway, use of spit hoods and other tactics should be worried by what is taking place on those wards and else where in the country.

And given seeing old quotes like this in web searches:

I am generally working on the assumption that britain , the monarch, parliament, the courts and those working in those facilities and who are teaching their propaganda are guilty of genocide and are a clear and present danger to peace.

Not what you want ti wake up to when your living in an area where politicians seem increasingly predominated by psychology.

Films like amen and knowledge of the likes of lawyers like hans litten and a lot of other things doesn't help at all.

The 11th century Jewish massacres in cities in germany with people on their way to the first crusade and then again in the 20th century along with the people euthinased on the t4 nazi governmental genocide program tends to remind me that the ostrich defense has reportedly worked and that ignoring the propaganda build up of psychology and extension of those wards as the people get conditioned by tabloid and government press to give up their rights is perhaps highly dangerous for anyone with a brain, assuming psychologist hanibal lector hasn't eaten it or you got killed by dr shipman or other nurses who opening my killed or that the injections didn't turn your brain to garbage while you were being detained, tortured and silenced per say.