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EDU The Education system is slowing down the speed of learning because
no one is saying how they formulated conclusions instead everyone especially science is spouting a lot of mumbo jummbo rather then showing what they did in order to formulate a conclusion or how to build something good and way too many people are forgetting to state what is a theory or what is believed rather then fact.

I have lost way too much time looking at bulshit from scientists that say nothing as they are refusing what was done or saying how that proves anything as you have to show all the experiments for all previous assumptions as well just to make sure it's not bull and that something obvious isn't missed.

that is why I favoured spiritualism and the psychic side as I could follow their exercises and got results, which is more then could be spent for the pseudo religious mumbo jumbo of mainstream science which just looks to be trying to freeze other people out of their fields.

You still need to be able to verify and be able to build things yourself to be any good, theory, practice and reality are not the same thing.

paul noble and Michael Thomas and things like fluenz appear to be better at teaching foreign languages however their appears to be a shortage of books at all levels.

as you really need a foreign language reading scheme where the books gradually get harder and introduce more words same as was done in English, and as yet I have been unable to find any online, and the jump gets too big and was the same with maths as I have yet to find anyone who can explain anything which is easier when all working out is shown, as every short cut in an explanation slows people down and freezes people out.

I would prefer it if the education system tought how to do everything from scratch, i.e. how to make fire, how to find clay to make molds, how to find the rocks to form an alloy to make metal, in order to make tools up to how to build a computer and everything else from scratch assuming no one else has already made the stuff you can buy already and way too many explanations and short cuts are taken in books, which means you end up reading the same unproven garbage time and time again in an attempt to learn something new or clarify something and that wastes so much time as to be unreal.

Ergo can people try to cut the technical mumbo jumbo out and explain things in easy to use words, showing how you formulated your brilliant conclusions as well as showing how that knowledge can be used to help improve peoples lives as well.

online searches of medical literature seems really, really crap at this current time as does everyone else and too many people seem to be interested in making people dependent on them rather then helping them set up on their own.

church messed it up as they spouted a lot of politics and conclusions without showing how it was formulated or stating their reasons why they thought those guidelines where a good idea and anyone not explaining the why tends to be deemed a fuck up in the end.

most of the country seems to have failed the ethics course, mental health and the people working in it certainly have!

remember liberal use of 'as far as we know' is a good idea and can't just tends to me means wont or unwell at this current time and anyone saying impossible, should remember 'i'm possible' and get the joke as way too many people are or were shouting pseudo science at people who knew stuff, while they supported people who were just spouting mumbo jumbo in a science that has just become a new religion.

pirates of the Caribbean scene when the women says I believe in science not superstition comes to mind, as people only tend to go there when their is evidence to justify it, and anyone who forgets that is fucking up.

other useful film scenes, legally blond do you know, and the objec