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Q13 Can you speak foreign languages as the foreign transations on this and your other site seem iffy at times?
I translated and into the un languages when I needed work many years ago when I was trying to decide what to do as a Chinese girl I was speaking to in china kind of infused me to go multilingual for a bit and I thought it would possibly help me secure work.
However I used online translators to do it not being that good at languages myself, as was more interested in proof of principle and am ok with other people doing the translating for sites I do.

Also I do know some professional language translators who could possibly do a better job but as I didn't have any money coming in I didn't justify hiring for myself. They speak a variety of languages and usually charge per word count but I am happy to refer if necessary.

While I do know some french what with having lived with and dated a french woman for a few years, I have got extreamlly rusty at my german and have tried learning a bit of spanish and know the odd work of chinese and welsh, and perhaps the odd korean and japanese number. However recognising their symbols is not something I can currently do. none the less multi lingual sites for a multilingual world are possible to do!
However it usually helps if someone can speak the language to verify if a translation is any good hence why I wouldn't comment myself if anything makes sense outside of the English language there!