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LAW Why detaining poeople before trial breaches the chance of a fair hearing
People who are detained and left to rot on a mental health ward, prison cell or any other type of detention centre destroys the chance of a fair trial as it is just an ultra vires attempt to shut people up via intimidation and torture which just gets a load of bull back, and that ultimately looses trust in the system and increases the risk of conflict notwithstanding the loss of happiness in the populace who generally get worries when people are arbitrarily detained and tortured for telling the truth while those in authority tend to demonstrate, hypocrisy, double standards, corruption and down right incompetence which just leads to people getting killed.

If people have evidence of a problem it should be addressed immediately in a public setting preferably with evidence and reasons cited which essays are really good for, and if anyone rights any report they really should be available for cross examination in order for it to be taken seriously at all.

The current scheme hoping people forget about it to wreck vengeance on people threatening your tyrannical ultra vires regime is unacceptable and is detrimental to your own job security and future happiness as well when your abuses catch up with you further down stream!

Punishment is mealy one strategy that was adopted to avert conflict in a community and approaches which help everyone out including anyone who is causing problems should be adopted and a better approach would have been if those in authority stopped demonstrating hypocrisy and leading by example and reason rather then trying to dictate using the threat of force.
Minimum sentences don't work in my book, as some people seem to have been forgotten about and I think that just makes the legal system a joke and it was much better having a maximum sentence and letting people go early if necessary if the matter and the potential for future problems had been resolved, rather than going the other way!

Anyone detained needs access to internet and people on the outside in order to be able to speak to people in order to safeguard the integrity of the system, anyone arguing to stop the use of phones or cameras on mental health wards is generally deemed someone who is guilty of committing human rights abuses going from the arguments I've seen and my experiences of being detained. and it's in the interests of everyone for the truth to be heard.

Also mail and post boxes needs to be sent via people who are not securing the ward, as the people I gave a letter to we're the ones who showed up and tortured me when I tried to get out when I was detained and tortured in 2011.

The police prevented people in my neighbourhood from coming to see me, going from the testimony of one of the people who lived on that estate, and I think this was unacceptable as well as perverted the course of justice as the police and those in authority we're just promoting propaganda that had no basis in fact.

Also I don't think assigned lawyers are arguing in a persons defense to the best of their ability, unless the ones I met are all incompetent which could be true, but I would expect people with a legal degree or who came to be judges not to be nieve and their attempts to play the stupid card do not work on me regarding trying to deny torture on nhs words taking place.