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Stances and reasoning on where I Gareth Bowen stand on certain political issues, if you want my views on anything else. Drop me a mail and I will give you my opinion with my reasons why I side one way or the other if at all.
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HR Why I support all Human Rights Treaties and Statutes, and the more the merrier
Human rights treaties tend to get ridden up towards the end of civil wars and other conflicts in order to remind people what caused the war to begin with, ergo they are intended to protect and safeguard the integrity of a country by stopping war through improving everyone's lives, other types of legislation tends to be negative and thus causes war via the suppression and alienation of people.

ergo I'd throw all the negative stuff out and try and remind government that they are supposed to be helping to sort out disputes and do things which improve everyone's lives.

Thus the system should be encouraging people to think for themselves, to recognise the concept of evidence and speedy turn around with everyone looking as far as possible to let the people do what they want in life.

detaining people without evidence, access to lawyers and torturing them into confessions of guilt statistically increases the chances of future conflict and for that government and anyone who supported it to face a sticky end.

I wouldn't replace human rights treaties I would just add more in, just to reinforce the point that government is not supposed to be fucking anyone over, but helping them out.