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FINAN Why I think people should give money to a cause they agree with not high interest loans
This concept of people only helping people for what they can get or greed seems self destructive to me. Hardly warning their is deemed so much crime in the world when so many people try to justify that people should be frozen out, go homeless or be allowed to starve.

an us v them kind of philosophywhich the worst capitalists employ just leads to alienation of the people and war, a more sensible and better approach for reducing future stress and conflict in your life is to adopt approaches which encourage people to give and help all people in society as the act of giving and helping, I found tends to induce it in turn.

really when I was unable to get on the befit system and had no money to buy food and was going months without out having to eat as all the out of date food in the house had been eaten by then. some people had left food without me asking or saying anything on the doorstep, years later as people had helped prevent me from dying I was ok giving £10s to people on the street every so often to pay it forward if want of a better word.

The person who gave me £10 for to give him a chess lesson then probably saved my life, as it immediately went on food, as their was only so much food a person can find discarded on the pavement at times, which is all I had to stay alive in that time period and I know many people didn't secure food in those years and did loose their lives needlessly because they had been frozen out by their own government in their entirety.

So I am against loans where people expect the money back, if you think a cause is worth it or are rewarding people for their hard work i.e. want them to have a bigger house based on what they are contributing to society then just give them the case.

The way the likes of some banks tried to extort money out of companies by using blackmail and extortion to renegotiate loans to higher interest rates was inexcusable and probably just destroyed companies and more lives that could have perhaps survived and helped people more.

pure greed, and pure selfishness. anyone making profit is fucking up as business should be there to help people out notwithstanding people need to cover their own bills and have some fun in life, and while it is sensible to have some buffer zones for security or to be able to raise money to invest in research or building infrastructure to provide better services, the onuce should be on the price coming down if people are doing better.

the more people your helping the more the fixed costs are apportioned out and thus the price should be going up not up, which generally seems to indicate greed or a problem somewhere else which needs to be rectified.

Thus I prefer dealing with people who prefer to deal in truth honesty, and would rather see win win situations where helping others helps yourselves rather then some companies which seem to be holding others to ransom via extorting more money out of people who have no where else to go all be it capitalism should safe guard from that by letting others set up to do a better job and cheaper when the fat cats take the piss.

when I was defaulting on loans with no money coming constant aggressive calling every other day to try to get money out of me just sapped my will and made it less likely to secure further work and thus destroyed their chance of getting money back, much better approach was if you invested in someone and gave them money because you believed in their ability and their qualification was to help use your contacts to secure them more employment or cash flow if you are even humouring the concept of loans.