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DEFEN Why no to forced conscriptions
I never understood democracies that forced people to fight overseas in conscription, if you explained your cause and you we're actually helping people then people would willingly sign up, and government trying to force people to fight for them proves they are an ultra vires government that have lost sight of the principles of democracy and freewill and consent.

The only justification of forming an army or armed militia is to help protect people from attacks from another group of people, and at some point in history one upmonship got out of hand and it started taking the piss as countries came back with more and more fighters to push a point.

Teres may comment where the main stream tabloid press reported her as asking the military to suspend the right to life and liberty goes against the very principle of what the military was formed for which was to protect life is deemed ultra vires by me

If they loose sight that their purpose was to keep people safe, then they cease to be the good guy and become the bad guy.

anyone breaking human rights, killing civilians or destroying infrastructure needlessly is part of the problem not the solution, helping people build communities and restoring and improving infrastructure that helps improve the quality of life are the only measures that a government or army can be judged by.

why psychologists even suggested that people should be pulled in and tortured like in operation demitrius, anvil or calibre I have no idea. fear and intimidation, torture, destruction of property and killing of civilians just makes the next generation grow up to hate you and everything you stoof for, and increases the risk of harm and counter attack to people you we're trying to keep safe.

that is why people like me would prefer to use logic and reason and explanations over force.

regrettably is seems psychology seems unable to provide evidence of anything when the people they detain do, which shows you the absurdity of the system at this current time as judges are just detaining people for political belief because someone used some fancy words they didn't understand and thus mean they don't qualify to be judges at all.

what this means is the people who they call delusional have demonstrated more justification for their belief set then the people trying to hold them ever do, this strikes me as being an abuse of the political system and thus wrong as it generally cites and leads to more conflicts and war breaking out, or at the very least them loosing all funding by the likes of me.