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Q12 March 2017 - Why haven't you had any paid work for the last ten years?
I am or was concentrating on at least till the 2 and a half year hosting glitch of 2010 which occured when I had no money to continue to fund development, the period when I was starving to death, had all my houses repossessed in that 2011 police siege, where I was taken to a secure 'mental health' facility to be tortured via injections against my will.

However I was released 2 years later when after a year I started to familiarise myself with doing development again only to be pulled in and tortured again, where upon spent several years being injected against my will which prevented me from reading and working at a computer which stopped me doing anything again.

A year after they stopped doing that, is the point I've started to look at continuing where I left off and I'd much rather work on developing my own thing, rather than working withthe mainstream or people who would just annoy.

A month of actually focusing on a computer at a proper desk was enough for me to get back into development, start liking it again and know it's just a matter of getting through all the stuff I needed to have done years ago.

Times I tried to get into development again before that point, didn't work, no desk and I was doing it for interest from other people and got none. Then something shifted and I broke the pain barrier and decided to do it for me because I wanted to type of thing. Subtle but works.

Being tortured, and injected against my will did slow me down and is something that perhaps needs to be repaid.

Beyond that I really aren't in the loop,
as how do we say this while 'up above' or 'the other side' as in those who pass information on not of the physical realm as far as evidence goes not sure what if any game plan is.

Picking up on some work environments for a time could be irksome shall we say and usually better to avoid those type of back stabbing corporate dog eat dog environments and prefer either to work on my own, or with those who are nice and just say what they mean rather then try to say one thing, do another behind people back which just gets relayed back anyway.

So since I had written off the industry as religious intolerant in avoiding psychics in techy jobs. I am not holding my breath for change. That and I was a pro Europe, pro freedom of movement, pro human right, anti none consensual torture vote.

I suppose I could have wined and dinned people when I had money coming in, but I was was one of those geeks that focused on developing bespoke systems rather than corruption and bribery in the meantime.

Those hick ups aside, I will hopefully make up for the 7 years development time lost by the NHS, courts and britain trying to stop people like me getting anything done!

I will perhaps start networking, trying to push numbers again but not promising anything anytime soon. However before I go in with sales and marketing again their are certain things I need to have got done, but it will be progressed just not sure at what speed.