Introducing Gareth Bowen
C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of
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Q10 Did you develop the sites yourself or use third parties and off the shelf?
I developed and designed the entire site and didn't use thrid parties. I have never used out the box stuff other than that time on barbox where I used commerce server and BizTalk based on the insane decision of upper management as they had enough talent to do a better job with their own implementation which would have been quicker, better and more easier to expand.

Maybe sharepoint for bug tracking on another project but the rest is all me from database, middle tier and front end. I prefer developing my own stuff.

wait I am using other peoples rational databases, and operating systems, web server, hosting platform and compile and I know writing my own when I Was a kid or at university would have been better long term.

Replacing those is on my to do list, but not any time soon as I have other things I would like to get done and I know trusting a chip manufacturer is also insane, but I have yet to play around with enough electronics or equipment to fabricate my own CPU, ROM, RAM, interpreters and other things but it is a risk endured at peril for now.

I preferred functionality and information over look and feel, but am focused on trying to improve the look and feel of my own stuff, Another task to appease the has to look good, but not do anything crowd.