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Q7 Why aren't you in the BCS anymore?
I got kicked out of the BCS for advertising on one of their email lists intended for members to communicate with each other.

They messed up on security and everyone was getting spammed and it was too tempting to send out a mail saying join in order to promote my own site as I was bringing no money in was running out of savings which did run out and needed work, and failed to secure employment which ultimately led to me going under, and going without food, and that repossession, being detained and tortured incident.

Unfortunately my site crashed under the load and they we're looking for a scape goat over their own incompetence. I refused to pay £100 for a rail ticket to travel down to London for the hearing. So they kicked me out. Bunch of anal retentives the lot of em.

Given they sent me a print out of the front screen with the human rights and pro Europe stuff I was doing, I never did resolve what their problem was as I think some we're just bitching about the use of the word sex, as any communication I sent at the time to rectify it went unanswered so yeah whatever.

qualifications are superfluous and I'd rather be judged by my ability to get the job done and make money and I wouldn't rate the BCS high at all or the qualifications of my computer science course which really could be improved a lot as a lot of things that I think needed to be covered weren't.