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C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of
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Q2 Do you operate under a limited company?
I was using my own company called Gothiclight LTD but when I failed to get enough work in when running to keep it running during the recession.

Before then I was working for a multitude of IT companies ranging from large PLC's and the Banks where I was doing projects for the European Space Agency amongst other things before ultimately going contracting and working for the Mortgage Industry using GothicLight LTD Company.

Regrettably I never secured any more work at that time and subsequently lost all the properties I owned which led up to that period of me being detained and tortured after declaring formation of a separate state in 2009 in protest at the courts arguing it's a democracy it can't be argued when protesting about people being prevented access to benefit, and we all know thousands died via starvation or suicide after that date and I did go without food for a very long period after that, before spending a couple of years being detained and tortured under the auspice of Mental Health after the armed police incursion in March 2011 which led to the loss of the property I was living in when I was shot and tasered 3 times for defending my land against an armed and hostile aggressor*[1]

Ongoing disputes and political differences with the British Government aside, with how they keep abusing human rights and starving the people to death and torturing them to prevent them from sharing knowledge, speaking their mind or saying anything. Which goes against the very principles of Mental Health and the principles of any good legitimate democracy.

No I'm not at this current time.

Currently only after permanent work. If I do a contract it will most probably use a third party umbrella company now.
Meanwhile I am just going to continue development while on receipt of welfare, though it is rather ironic they force people to loose everything built up before giving them anything back.

If I do reach a point where I generate my own income stream for self sufficiency, then I will reconsider forming another company but until that point is reached seemed little point for now.
However I did renew the sex tree trademark which can be confirmed via a search of the UK's online intellectual property office database. located here

*[1] The hostile aggressor in that 2011 incident against me being Durham Police going in hot with assault riffles in full body armour perhaps at the order of a crazed and ultra vires judge in a legal system gone mad, or the crazed orders of someone else or perhaps even at their own initiative but who knows what with Gorden Brown as prime minister back then having stated previously that no country would be invaded for failure to pay it's debts after one of those G summits, and what with Durham police having previously gone on the record they won't handle complaints or help people if they don't like your politics it doesn't change what happened.

Either way I was transferred to a secure facility after that and tortured without access to a lawyer while other people we're fobbed off with bull. but Hopefully their will be no more repeats of that type of thing anywhere in the world and Yet I have had no assurance ever that torture has been stopped by anyone yet, so I am working on the assumption that Britain still is detaining and torturing people to stop them doing or saying the things they want in life, to stop them running for office, sharing knowledge or being themselves or trying to make money with their own company and I can confirm that Britain refuses to give access to evidence while being detained in custody which is the same type of thing they accuse Iran and other nations of doing which means their justice system wh