Introducing Gareth Bowen
C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself. My full name is Gareth Bryn Bowen. I was born in the West Midlands and grew up watching Doctor Who and Blakes 7 videos while going to camping and caravan club events. It was a pretty good childhood apart from I lost my grandad as a child when he was mistaken as an American and murdered on holiday in Morocco in retaliation for the American bombing of Libya in 1986.

This would probably explain my interest in history and the wars of religion at A Level.

However life moves on, and I went to Durham University whereupon I graduated with a 2.1 Hons in computer science degree.

After University I moved to Guidlford, Surry To work for Logica PLC’s Space Division working on various projects for the likes of the European Space Industry and other companies.

Eventually I left Logica to be in charge of developing all the internal systems for a fast growing internet start up which ultimately ended in redundancy when the parent company got bought up and the purse strings were cut, the day after I broke up with the women I was engaged to marry.

After this I worked in York to do software development for clients for another company which ran into financial hard ship and made staff redundant, which is how I ended up leaving the goth music scene of leeds behind to move back to Durham.

While in Durham I expanded my business acumen by buying more than one property, in order to become a land lord inspired by the likes of rich dad poor dad author inter alia as well as being a named partner my then French women I was living with. Stephanie Thommen.

After we split, I ended up becoming a psychic and left Waterstons to go contracting with my own company called Gothiclight Ltd. This featured me teaching future mortgages internal development team how to program .net applications and integrating with third party suppliers, much like I did while working in York.

However the recession kicked in and all my i.t. friends proved to be none existent when I failed to get into another company or previous companies despite the fact some are some are support to be gold investors in people, thus I lost all my homes and at one point nearly committed suicided if it wasn’t for the fact those on the spiritual plane stopped me with a joke they shared.

My thresholds are higher than you think, my idea was to do it in an attempt to end all wars in an effort to get world peace in a single move with a rewrite of the bible but I never completed the work, and I never will as I was annoyed at religion, government, the churches and the last few thousand years. But that is all ancient history even if the war goes on for some.

I had hoped developing my own social networking dating, news and blogging platform would secure me work but alas it did not. I openly campaigned for a democratically elected president of Europe as well as shared my research from my psychic experiences which focused on what could be proved rather than what could be believed.

Frozen out of I.T I faced the harsh realties of companies chasing for money while being unable to afford food or have access to the welfare system.

I took a case to the royal courts of justice in 2009, in an attempt to stop claims for council tax of people like me who had no money coming in, arguing at the time that it was worse than ship money and warning of the risk of civil war. Regrettably this case was thrown out, and in the years that followed thousands of people died or committed suicide in Britain unable to buy food.

In frustration at the time of Britain ignoring human rights treaties, including the European charter of fundamental freedoms. I declared independence and separate state citing article 15, 17 of the un declaration of human rights in an attempt to highlight how we the people work together because we want to not through force of arms.

Notwithstanding Gorden Brown having gone on the record saying no country would be invaded for failure to pay it’s debts Britain ultimately repossessed in an police incursion which broke my hand when they shot and tasered me three times in March 2011.

Shortly after that I Think everyone decided Syria was in a civil war, and hundreds of thousands died and are dying as people lose sight of human rights again and the fact they help to avoid wars and raise the quality of life for one and all!

At that point I was prevented from having access to a lawyer and transferred to a secure ‘mental health’ facility and tortured via injections against my will in three hospitals of the same trust.

After two years detention I was ultimately released only to be taken in again and injected again for trying to get back to development again.

Once again I was held down against my will by teams of more than 5 people and injected. These injections prevented me from working at a computer and concentrating on reading or writing a book.

Eventually I came off those injections as I couldn’t handle them any more, and a mental health tribunal released me from the Community Treatment Order I was on shortly before the brexit referendum.

A year after getting the meds out of my system, I had recovered enough to start focusing on software development again.

Out side of work, my interest in the paranormal and the occult continues, especially when those being residing on the spiritual plane decide to pass information on though I Should perhaps spend more time attending spiritual churches and pagan, witch events.

As yet most of my free time is spent free time developing my tai chi, hapkido, capoeira and taekwondo skills.

Once upon a time I used to enjoy Larp events, and still actively enjoy listening to goth music though I rarely go to festivals or events these days as since the repossession. I have been living on welfare and no longer own a car.

However I do own a driving licence but it has to be renewed annually and the processing time for them spending a new out severely needs cutting down.

However I am not in charge of the DVLA or any other government or corporate department so it’s a little hard for me to encourage better turn around times.

I have made no money in ten years, think the I.T. industry, Britain and the corporate world is scum and have just started to get back into development purely out of enjoyment with the intention of doing everything I should have done properly the first time round.

The psychology of decelerating independence is like a divorce from a country, and if there is a civil war when Britain pulls out of Europe noting the riots of 2011 it will be because Britain starved the masses out and took the money for themselves.

My proposal was to give everyone benefit even if they are working, and letting people make money over the top of it, as it would remind people about the sense of community and comradeship and remind people they we’re covered rather than the case we have today where people are often left alone to die homeless and penniless.

Fortunately some countries are adopting and experimenting with adopting this approach to welfare, as been noted by me in news articles in the press of Finland and elsewhere.

I was always of the view that most jobs are unnecessary and given I can develop most of the systems, I would focus on freeing people’s time up which is why I require welfare to work.

I see the people with skill as those living on less money, rather than those squandering in and those seeking high salaries as being incompetent.

Taxation is a way of diverting funds to people who need it and ethically people should be looking to live on less not more, while everyone should be seeking to raise the standard of living and enjoyment for everyone via lowering prices and more efficient ways of doing things.

I don’t like bullshit, and up above watch over you all the time and can pass on knowledge and information to other people who have developed those skills, which is why those who bullshit and lie for the wrong reasons will most probably have a rude awakening due if not this life, after as well.

Anyway all that aside, I am now nearly 40 and each decade has had a different feel. While my 20’s where spent sleeping with most of the Leeds goth scene. My 30’s had a completely different feel. Time does strange things and some people remember for a very long time.

I don’t smoke, I haven’t drank any alcohol for several years as I don’t fancy it, though I reserve the right to drink if I want to (unlikely at this current time) and my interest in women went out the window at some point.

I don’t believe in taking drugs, though do believe in proper nutrition and free will and consent which is what my philosophy of life and the law boils down to. Therefore I think any saying someone can’t do something are ultra vires and lack imagination inter alia

My preference is to try and help or encourage people find enjoyment in their current incarnation and develop the skills they want in life, at their own pace.

The Sex Tree was focused on maintaining relationships, finding the love,. Building confidence and getting people to work out what they wanted in a relationship, that and it a bit of fun. Though with project yew tree, there could be a case for recommending getting references by women you’ve dated could be a good thing!

Anyway all that aside, I am having fun getting back into software development again!

If there is anything you need, want and think I can help you with then don’t hesitate to get in contact with me here, as I don’t bite and will be glad to help you if I can.