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Of course no meal price would work without taking into account the cost of running the business. So much to add to each item!

Fixed Costs
Council Tax/Business Rates:    
Cash Flow/Profit/What you want to live on/Margin/Absorbed Costs:    
Mobile Phone:    
Martial Arts Training*:    
Web Hosting:    
Web and DNS Domain Name Renewals:    
Trade Mark Registrations:    
Equipment Purchases:    
Sales and Marketing:    
Number of Meals/Drinks/Items Sold or Whatever to Apportion Against:    
Employee Man Hours Worked:    
Hourly Wage:    

Fixed Costs to be added to Meal/Drinks/Items Sold: $31.58

Return To Meals

*Noting Nato requires 2% of GDP to be spent on military commitments

If the Costs Seems a little high, try increasing the number of items to sell, or try to find saving's elsewhere like in time and effort in man power! Having been through redundancy twice and having lost all my homes I know how distressing being put out of work is which is why I can help you ease the transition and the reason why I need the benefit system to work and not let anyone fall and be lost through the cracks with too many people starving or going homeless as is