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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the type of contracts, work, employment I would be interested in.

Q1 Will you consider permanent job offer roles?
Yes, I will consider all offers depending on location and seniority of roles.
Q5 What type of roles will you consider?
Q2 Do you operate under a limited company?
Q3 Are you insured?
Q4 What is you position regarding contracts?
Q6 What are your rates?
Q7 Why aren't you in the BCS anymore?
Q10 Did you develop the sites yourself or use third parties and off the shelf?
Q11 Are you single?
Q12 March 2017 - Why haven't you had any paid work for the last ten years?
Q13 Can you speak foreign languages as the foreign transations on this and your other site seem iffy at times?
Q14 Communication issues and dark web issues
Q15 Guiding principle in how i formulate logic in political decisions
LANG culture fix 21st Nov 2017
Q16 What domain names do you own?
Q17 Policy on Call Logging
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