Introducing Gareth Bowen
C#, Sql Server Business Specialist, Custom Software Developer and Creator of

Hello Everybody!!!

Yes I Can Design Develop And Write Any Type Of Desktop Site, Mobile App or Web Site If I'm in the Mood To

And Yes as A Psychic Clairovyant, Seer, Medium Or Whatever you want to call it, I can also pass on Spiritual Messages from anyone on that Side, if they have a Desire to (unlikely) but does happen every so often

When I graduated with a computer science degree from Durham University I used to work in the space industry, and was responsible for writing the code for parsing and transmitting the packet data from satellite telemetry data feeds and working on system for handling command sequences for launching and manoeuvring satellites into orbit.

From desktop I moved to intranet with government project, before moving to Leeds to write the internal system for a .com start up which specialised in digital conversion and digital audio download and had me writing wav editors, ID3v2 tag editors, audio conversion and all the other standard things such as data entry, quality control and reporting amongst other things.

However when the parent company was bought out by another and the purse strings were cut I was made redundant the day after I split with my then fiancé, life came tumbling down and I ended up working in York for a Microsoft Gold Partner which involved writing software for the brewing industry.

However that turned pair shaped as the company ran into financial hardship and I was once again made redundant on the grounds I was last in, first out and had been there just under a year but they did give a decent redundancy package none the less.

This is how I ended up returning back to Durham, and getting My life together, Career and a new women after a year of good sex, multiple rebounds, fun on the goth scene.

This was good for awhile and developed various desktop systems for awhile, but that woman didn’t want to get married, and moved out and as my finances where in a mess and for a few other political reasons, I walked and went contracting as I needed the money

However the first 67 week contract, ended up in me being told, to accept 2 weeks money and not to come in at the end of the first week and I wasn’t sure why but I think it was political but it covered me to get in with the Mortgage Industry which hired me on a 3 month which they honoured and kept renewing.

After around 2 years of working for them, and worried about inland revenue contexts and the fact that they were also looking to make people redundant in their company, I left on my own merits to being my own project, as I was to be honest bored of working there due to the slow pace and bureaucracy of red tape

That’s when I started work on the sex tree, but I was hoping to get into another company, or contract and didn’t when the recession kicked in, future mortgages went under in that time period, and I found myself without friends in the industry.

A brief contract I got for another company, was miss sold as I took one told it was for 6 months while the client was for 3 and when I looked at a clause in the contract I knew it was going to be a problem and didn’t feel as though I could get it changed.

Indeed the contract turned sour perhaps because I didn’t look busy enough, as they didn’t seem to know what they were doing, and I wrote a code generator but had run into memory leak problems with the operating system they were using and I frankly didn’t see the point of why they wanted to hire me for what they we’re doing, didn’t get involved with politics and was still at that time coming to terms with opening up to the psychic side, and the contract cut short .

And well soon after that the money ran out, and trying to get my own projects up and running, or getting them far enough to sustain an income didn’t work as I wasn’t sure what project to focus on first to get success, and well lost everything.

I focused on doing lots rather than keeping it small, making it look pretty, and didn’t finish writing up psychic course, or book drafts or a whole host of other things as payment mechanisms weren’t my priority inter alia.

And at some point I switched to trying to do a news site, going pro Europe and doing that declaration of independence thing from Britain while remaining in Europe when I lost my rag with the judicial system and Britain in General.

Anyway everyone knows how that ended, me running out of money for hosting, that short period where contemplated suicide to sell a rewrite of the bible based on my own experiences of that side as I didn’t want to face starvation, though I didn’t and endured starvation in the end, going weeks without living off discarded food in the street and when I lost all internet connections that was when I was taken down, shot tasered 3 times by armed police who broke into my home. taken to a secure facility and tortured for a few years, and after that. I ended up enduring more intimidation and torture to stay away from politics and spiritual churches as I discovered how far past the line, the darker side of Britain had gone when it came to throwing away the Hippocratic oath, human rights and a few other things besides

Up until that point I had assumed NHS was just incompetent and realised then that knowingly committed torture, medical experimentation and genocide, and it was after that that I got access to well what they did in Kenya, Northern Ireland, Iraq and elsewhere which is a slightly awkward moment as it is one thing to read about genocide in other countries in years gone by, and quite another to find that the people living local to you are capable of doing it to the likes of you and me.

Didn’t seem much point doing or saying anything after that. However that being said, after I did get released by the courts and did a year of recovery after they stopped injecting me with drugs that stopped me being able to focus or work on a computer properly. I well decided to start doing programming again, given the sex tree desk top site had got too large, I decided to well try to come up with a mobile version of which would be productive and perhaps develop it as an off the shelf solution for others as I didn’t own mobile phones with internet on in the period before I Went under, so that revolution kind of came and went mainstream while I was being incarcerated and tortured and some things appear to get taken for granted really quickly at times. .

If I went political here, and put my interests up it was because I wanted security in case of torture incarceration again by those people still working in those positions paid for by government and perhaps to help a woman decide if I am a suitable match, as far as interests and politics go, but that is more a recent thing.

However working out how to generate money, and get something to that point, is also on my todo list, as back in the early days when I didn’t know what to do or where to focus, I have no shortage of ideas however there are those on the other side, who say it is unnecessary for when the shit goes down.

Not sure if that is just an attempt to fob off, distract least I succeed or if they do know something, given my research experience when it comes to people or myself being shown things before they happen in real life.

Not that it matters, I decided around March 2017 that I was ok with software development again, as being out of the saddle for awhile and well certain corporations don’t have much of a moat left shall we say as far as their billions in turn over go. However a lot of other tasks got in the way, and there are times one doesn’t know whether to write political arguments up, focus on news stories to stop people getting killed, focus on meditation, try to explain things or try to do work what with background reading, research, revise cyber security hackers in the cyber information war and a whole host of other things as time seems so fleeting at times.

It is now June, anything good seems to take a week or a day to do, and I am not sure where the rest of the time went, goes. Some days seem like hours, and months, years days or weeks, and given I was capable of using opportunity, on my birthday 16 years after ahem with her, asking if she had reached enough maturity to get around friend blocks, time has gone intriguing. As their was a time when a year in my 20’s seemed like an eternity, and yet a decade in my thirties seems none existent as I reflect on memory spans of some people, those who remember, those who forget, and what counts as short or long time in the blink of existence, as some wars don’t seem to have changed or gone away for millennia.

So Business, Education, Pleasure, Assistance, Reason, Warning and Research where does it go, where does it end and why am I getting an image of the two of disks with the change having grabbed it’s own tail, as I reflect on infinite consolidation, and just an iterative improvement of expanding on what has already been explained, as I look at the image of the 10 of wands just shown on someone who went way too far.

No one to my knowledge has was ever won over to anyone’s side by oppression, intimidation or fear for long and yet some people are still trying that approach and I find that bizarre. But changes nothing, you know my skill set, and you know I can either help you or destroy you on a whim as I reflect on Empire down and a whole host of other things as I reflect on what project, task or goal to work on first regarding helping others and myself

the Interest and politics faq pages of this site should be enough to indicate if I am going to get on with you, the rest is whatever we need to get the job done of improving the quality of all peoples lives.

the moment I went those who can live on less have more skill and finesse than those who don’t was the moment I got screwed, and everyone knows the news site was done not for money but to try to give a voice back to those who were being censored and silenced by tyranny.

Anyway browse and Enjoy and get in touch if you want or require my assistance at all.